Which Sandals Resort is the Cheapest?

Many of the Sandals resorts are affordable when you consider the all-inclusive option offered. However, if you’re looking to answer the question, “Which Sandals resort is the Cheapest?” you have to look at specific rooms and offers.

Of course, the offers from Sandals Resorts change regularly, so this is just an idea of which Sandals Resort is the cheapest and it could change, with the right offer or deal. Let’s look at some of the best value resorts from Sandals.

Cheapest Sandals Resort Overall

Sandals Carlyle inn is the cheapest option out of all the Sandals Resorts and Hotels. However, it doesn’t offer a beach or a spa. This choice is rather small and not exactly the best option for those seeking an all-inclusive resort vacation.

The Best & Cheapest Sandals Resort Options

Cheapest Sandals Resort

1. Sandals Ochi Jamaica – The Cheapest Sandals Resort

You can book the Butler Village Honeymoon Poolside Villa Suite with one bedroom for a great room at a great price. They also offer other rooms at Sandals Ochi Jamaica which are affordable and provide a great value.

2. Sandals Barbados

Another inexpensive resort, compare to other Sandals Resorts, Sandals Barbados offers plenty of great choices. The Caribbean Village Deluxe is a great choice for the money and plenty of other rooms come in at a lower price than some of the other resorts.

3. Sandals Montego Bay

Maybe the most popular resort, Sandals Montego Bay has plenty to offer and it’s a great choice if you’re budget is a bit tighter. While it’s not the cheapest Sandals Resort, it does offer plenty of value with a swim-up pool bar, piano bar, and more affordable prices than some of the other resorts.

A few other great Sandals Resorts you can score for a good deal include:

When you’re ready to book your all-inclusive Sandals Resort stay, you’ll want to check out the Deal of the Day here and you’ll also want to consider other discounts found here.

While booking the cheapest Sandals Resort may help save you money, there are a few other ways you can save on your Sandals Vacation.

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Sandals Resort Stay Cheaper

Cheap Sandals Resort Vacation

Along with answering the question, “Which Sandals Resort is the cheapest?” it’s important to know how to score the best deals. You’ll also need to pay for a flight and you may decide to rent a car on your trip.

Here are three tips to help save you even more money on your Sandals Resort vacation.

1. Book Far in Advance

The further in advance you book, the cheaper your Sandals Resort stay will be. As the resorts start to fill up, the rates for each night go up.

Now, there is an exception to this tip. If you have the flexibility to book a last-minute deal from Sandals Resorts you can score a free night, which makes the stay even better. However, this deal is often limited to just a three-night stay.

2. Book Off-Peak Times

You can also score the best deals at Sandals Resorts by booking off-peak times. The fall is a lower rate compared to holiday times and any non-holiday time will likely offer a better deal.

3. Choose the Cheapest Flights

Sandals Resorts found in the Bahamas and Jamaica often offer the cheapest flights. St. Lucia and Antigua may come with higher flight prices, which should also be considered.

It’s best to book your flight three to four months in advance. If you watch the fight prices or use you can score a better deal. As flights fill up, the prices will usually go up.

Use these tips to book the perfect all-inclusive Sandals Resort vacation for your next trip. Whether you’re taking a family vacation, a honeymoon, or just an adults-only trip, Sandals Resorts offer a great option for relaxation and fun!