Which Disney Park is Best at Night?

There are multiple answers to the question, “Which Disney Park is Best at Night?

First, you must consider if you’re at Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, or one of the other Disney theme parks around the world.

Of course, if you’re at one of the Disney resorts with only one park, you won’t have any options to compare.

For the sake of this blog post, we are going to look at Walt Disney World because these are the parks I am most familiar with.

Which Disney World night Show is best?

Which Disney Park is Best at Night

Between the many nighttime show options at Walt Disney World, it can be difficult to choose a favorite. If you’re trying to determine which Disney Park is best at night and the nighttime show matters, for my money, you’ll either want to choose the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

While Hollywood Studios has a good nighttime show with Fantasmic, it’s not nearly as exhilarating at the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, at least in my opinion. The Animal Kingdom doesn’t even compare.

Now, when the holiday season rolls around, it’s a different story, as Hollywood Studios has the Jingle Jam show, which is rather amazing. However, on a normal night, the best night show, for me, is found at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

How Late can you Stay in Disney World?

Disney World at Night

Another consideration when choosing which Disney Park is best at night may be how late you can stay. The actual time you will have to leave any of the Disney World theme parks will vary from season-to-season and from day-to-day.

Typically, you can stay in the Magic Kingdom the longest. During the summer season, there are actually days you can stay in the Magic Kingdom until midnight without paying for a nighttime party or having extra magic hours.

If you’re looking to stay as late as possible in the parks, you’ll want to choose the one that’s open the latest. You can even get in line for your final ride five minutes before closing and they will let you ride, even if you’re in line for a couple of hours after the closing time.

To figure out how late you can stay in Disney World, you’ll need to look at the times guide or the park hours LINK LINK for the day you will be there. These hours show the time the parks will close, but you can stay as long as you are in line for a ride.

Usually, cast members will let you hang around for a little bit as they are not herding you out of the park quickly.

Is the Magic Kingdom Busy at Night?

If you’re already leaning towards the Magic Kingdom as the best Disney Park at night, you may be wondering if it’s busy at night. Yes and no.

The Magic Kingdom is busy during the fireworks, but ride lines become shorter. When the park is open later than the fireworks show, it tends to be slower than during the day. In addition, if you get in line to meet characters or for a ride during the fireworks, the lines tend to be shorter.

Which Disney Park is Best at Night? Final Answer

Walt Disney World at NIghttime

In my opinion, the Magic Kingdom is the best Disney theme park at night. This park has the best fireworks show and stays open the latest, usually. It also has plenty of great rides to enjoy at night.

My second choice for a Disney park at night may come as a bit of a surprise. I choose Hollywood Studios because it’s so much fun to right Slinky Dog Dash at night. Plus, the park has Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, which is an amazing place to be at night.

Epcot is another good choice at night, but they only stay open until 9pm, except on Fridays and Saturdays during the International Food & Wine Festival in the fall. The rides aren’t any different at night, except Test Track, but the fireworks show is pretty amazing. It’s also worth it to see the countries light up at night.

While a night-time safari at the Animal Kingdom provides the opportunity to see the lions actually move, the nighttime show at the Animal Kingdom isn’t as amazing as the other shows.

Pandora is pretty beautiful at night, but outside of the gorgeous land and a safari at dusk (they usually don’t run much later than dusk) the Animal Kingdom doesn’t offer much at night and they tend to close earlier than the other Disney World parks.

Try all four parks at night for yourself and choose your favorite Disney Park at night!