What is there to do in the Magic Kingdom at Night?

When the sun sets, you may be wondering, What is there to do in the Magic Kingdom at Night?

The nighttime is some of the best hours at the Disney theme parks because the atmosphere is quite different than during the day. In fact, it’s my absolute favorite time and for many reasons:

  • Wait times go down
  • Fewer people are in the parks
  • Waiting for the fireworks keep plenty of people busy and out of my way
  • Rides feel faster at night
  • Some rides are simply more fun at night

When my wife and I became annual passholders to Disney World, we went almost exclusively at night. It’s such a great time to go and we were able to do so many things at night you simply cannot do during the day. Let’s look at some of the fun things you can do at night at the Magic Kingdom.

The Answer to, What is there to do in the Magic Kingdom at Night?

This list may vary a bit, depending on the time of year you go and if you do a nighttime party or enjoy extra magic hours.

1. The Fireworks

What is there to do in the Magic Kingdom at Night

One of the best things you can do at the Magic Kingdom at night is seeing the fireworks. They simply wouldn’t be the same during the day and they are only offered at night. If you’ve never been, make sure you get a good spot and enjoy the best firework show you will ever see!

2. Dance Parties Galore

During the summer, and other times of the year, Magic Kingdom is filled with fun at night including dance parties. You might find an Incredibles dance party or if you visit during the holidays, you might enjoy a different type of dance party.

3. Meet Characters

One of the best times of day to meet the characters is at night, during the fireworks. Those one and two-hour wait times for princesses go down to 15 minutes or so during the fireworks.

If you’ve seen the fireworks before or you simply care more about meeting characters, do this during the last two hours the park is open. Your wait times will be far less than trying to meet the characters during the day.

4. Ride the Best Rides Multiple Times

One of the main reasons I love the night at the Magic Kingdom is the wait times for rides, such as Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, and Seven Dwarfs. These three outside rides are great at night and you can ride those two or three times if you want.

I remember one of the visits we were able to ride Seven Dwarfs three times in less than an hour and we caught the fireworks while we were on the ride!

5. Extra Shows

During the summer, the night at the Magic Kingdom includes extra shows. You’ll notice a large number of people stick around after the main fireworks show because there will be another show very soon.

6. The Electrical Water Pageant

Magic Kingdom at Night

Many people don’t even realize this pageant happens at night. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom and you head towards the entrance, you can catch this brightly colored light show featuring several sea creatures. You can also catch it if you stay at Fort Wilderness, which is Disney’s Campground.

7. Hit Up Those Dining Spots

When dinner time passes and you get to 8pm or later, getting a meal or a snack becomes easier. Everybody is full after dinner and many have left the park or scoped out their fireworks spot.

Lines for the best snacks become shorter and you can enjoy something yummy without spending so much time waiting in line.

8. The Kiss Goodnight

At the end of the night, you’ll be able to enjoy something quite wonderful, if you stick around until they gently make you leave. The perfect Disney music will play while the castle becomes a different color and you’re thanked for coming. It’s a heartfelt show and sends you off with goosebumps.

9. Get the Perfect Picture

Getting a picture of Main Street or the Castle isn’t easy during the day. When you wait until the park is closing, you might just score the perfect picture.

10. Enjoy the Happiness in a Sea of Tired Sadness

When we arrive at the parks after 5pm, we have noticed so many sad, tired faces. Many people rope drop or arrive shortly after opening and by 5pm, they are ready for dinner and bed.

We arrive with energy and a smile on our face, which makes the experience so much fun. So many people are on their way out and only a handful are showing up, except during holiday parties. We love this feeling as we get to enjoy the park while most people are done for the day.

Along with these things you can do at the Magic Kingdom at night, you will also enjoy shorter waits for the monorail and busses, if you wait until the park is closing. If you leave right after the fireworks, you’ll get stuck in transportation lines, which can take forever. Why not stick around and enjoy the park until they kick you out?