What Caribbean Cruise Ports Are Open?

what caribbean cruise ports are open

If you are looking for a cruise vacation, you may be wondering what Caribbean cruise ports are open. There are many factors to consider when making your final decision, such as which ports are most convenient for your travel plan. Here are some of the most popular destinations in the region.

St. Thomas

St Thomas, Caribbean cruise ports open for business. St Thomas is located on the US Virgin Islands in the northeast Caribbean Sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, duty free shopping, and unique sightseeing opportunities. There are two ports in St. Thomas: Havensight and Royal Caribbean Terminal.

The Havensight cruise terminal is the primary port in St. Thomas. Cruise ships dock on either side of a single finger pier.

The pier is about one kilometer long. You can walk to the downtown area if you wish, though it can be a bit of a trek.

The pier is located near the Yacht Haven Grande Marina. The marina has a wide variety of boats and activities. If you wish to explore the downtown area, the easiest method is to hire a taxi. Rates are around $8-10 per person.

For shopping, you may want to head to the Havensight Mall. This upscale shopping center is just a short distance from the cruise port. There are more than 50 stores to choose from. You will find jewelry and souvenir shops. A tourist information center is also located at the mall.

St. Barts

Despite being devastated by Hurricane Irma, St. Barts has opened its cruise ports for travelers. The island’s capital city Gustavia and the port of Gustavia are open, and the airport has been restored to all of its areas.

Gustavia is a bustling town that offers high-end shopping and people-watching. It is also home to a small museum.

There are many different restaurants and hotels on the island. Many are French-influenced in their architecture and style. They serve both traditional and international cuisine.

In addition, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. Some are stretches of white sand and others have no buildings in sight. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to find a beach to suit your mood.

When it comes to the water, you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing. Most of the waters are crystal clear, and there is a rich marine life. You can watch the coral gardens from the deck of your boat, or you can snorkel from the bottom of the ocean.


Bermuda is an island in the British Overseas Territory. The country has a unique blend of European and indigenous influences. You can explore the island’s natural beauty, rich history, and endless adventures.

Bermuda has a reputation for scuba diving. In fact, there are hundreds of species of coral, sea turtles, and sharks in the region. There are also a variety of exotic reefs.

You can experience the best of Bermuda on a cruise. Some cruises are a day trip, while others allow you to enjoy two overnight stays in the islands.

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is one of the major companies offering cruises to Bermuda. They have an array of ships, including the Liberty of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas.

A Bermuda cruise can be booked for as little as $80 per day. This includes accommodation and all of the amenities you would expect on board. These include a television, 24-hour front desk service, and places to eat on the ship.

Bermuda’s National Museum is a great way to learn about the island’s history. It also displays remnants from long-ago shipwrecks.


If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, you may want to consider visiting Curacao, a Dutch island that boasts a colorful landscape, interesting history, and a variety of beaches. There are several places to visit, including the capital city of Willemstad, Otrobanda, and Porto Marie.

The capital city of Willemstad has many attractions, including the floating Queen Emma Bridge. Visitors can also take part in a self-guided walking tour of Willemstad. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a charming old-world feel and many shops and restaurants.

The capital is a great place to spend the day, with many cultural and religious sites to see. In addition to the museums and churches, visitors can also take a tour of Fort Amsterdam, a former naval base.

Visitors can also spend time in the seaside area of Willemstad, which is located within easy walking distance of the cruise terminal. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from swimming to shopping. A small fee is charged for entrance into Seaside Park, and adults can enjoy a meal at the beach restaurant.

St. Kitts

St Kitts is one of the most popular destinations in the eastern Caribbean for a cruise. With its lush rainforest, beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, and a variety of activities, there’s plenty to see and do on this small island. The best way to enjoy your trip is to book an excursion with a local guide.

Many shore excursions take visitors to Brimstone Hill Fortress, Historic Romney Manor, and Friars Bay. These include an audio guide to learn more about the history of the area.

Another great experience is a zip line through the rainforest. Visitors can also explore the underwater world of St. Kitts, which has a visibility of up to 100 feet. This allows for incredible views of coral towers and other underwater features.

St Kitts also has a number of beaches, including Cockleshell Bay Beach and South Friar’s Bay Beach. Both of these offer crystal clear water, shallow waters, and a wide selection of dining options.

If you’re looking for a more quiet and scenic location, you may want to consider North Frigate Bay. It’s about a mile long and offers a calm, quiet atmosphere.

St. Lucia

St Lucia is an outdoor paradise – hiking in the rainforest, boating on the ocean, snorkeling on the coral reef, or taking a dip in the Toraille waterfall. Visitors can also indulge in the therapeutic healing powers of the sulfur springs.

The island’s main city, Castries, is a walkable town. It is home to several historic cathedrals. Known for its plentiful shopping opportunities, Castries is one of the most popular cities in St. Lucia.

There are many popular beaches on the island. Reduit Beach is a favorite. It is located close to the Rodney Bay Marina and Splash Island Water Park.

Hiking in the rainforest is a popular activity. Local guides will take you through the tropical plants and animals.

Zip lining is a thrilling aerial tram ride. Another popular activity is hiking the Pitons. Climbing the volcanic peaks provides great views of the island.

For a relaxing experience, dine at the Coal Pot Restaurant. This Zen-like spot serves island favorites.

There are a number of shops in the Pointe Seraphine Duty Free Shopping Complex. You can find a selection of mainstream gifts as well as luxury brands.

St. Croix

If you’re taking a cruise to the Caribbean, there’s a good chance you’ll dock in Frederiksted. While this island isn’t the newest addition to the cruise scene, the port has been revitalized and now offers a wider variety of amenities than ever.

The town of Frederiksted is a short distance from the cruise ship dock. There are plenty of restaurants and stores to explore. Several tours are available to explore the beaches, historical sites, and more.

Sandy Point is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It features a white-sand beach and turquoise blue waters. Aside from being a gorgeous beach, it also features turtle nesting spots. You can snorkel here.

Another popular activity on the island is scuba diving. At the Buck Island Reef National Monument, you can get an underwater tour.

Visitors can also take advantage of duty free shopping. Duty-free stores sell souvenirs and local rum. However, you can only buy up to $1600 worth of items per person.

Fort Christianvaern, an important landmark, is located in Christiansted. This fort was built in the 18th century to help protect trade from pirates.


Barbados is an island in the southern Caribbean, and the country is home to many beaches. The islands’ pristine white sand is a welcome treat for tourists.

Visitors to the islands can find dozens of shops selling souvenirs. Aside from souvenirs, travelers can also purchase local items, such as conch shells and black-coral jewelry.

While visiting the island, visitors can take a boat tour along the coast. There are also numerous shipwrecks to explore. For more information, visit the tourism office.

One of the most popular attractions in Jamaica is the Dunn’s River Falls. This waterfall cascades 180m (590 ft.) down to the beach. Although it is the most popular attraction in Jamaica, it is also the most crowded.

Another UNESCO World Heritage site is Willemstad. Willemstad is a port city that’s a natural harbor and capital of Curacao. It’s known for its floating market and the moving pontoon bridge.

Another notable destination is the island of Antigua. You’ll find colorful Caribbean cafes. In addition to the beach, you can tour the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, learn about the island’s rich history, and attend a cocktail class.