What Are The Most Dangerous Cruise Ports?

Not all cruise ports are safe. Some are very dangerous. The most dangerous cruise ports are:

  • Columbia
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela
  • Egypt
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Honduras

These countries are all rather dangerous right now. Of course, dangerous countries change over time, so this may not always be the case.

Columbia Cruise Ports

The Most Dangerous Cruise Ports

According to the World Population Review, Columbia is the 21st most dangerous country on earth. It’s also home to a very popular cruise destination called Cartagena.

This cruise port is not exactly a safe choice as the country is known for gang wars, drug trafficking, theft, and many other crimes. Tourists should be very aware as kidnapping has occurred here and often target tourists.

Turkey Cruise Ports

A very dangerous country and ranked 12th on the World Population Review list, Turkey has been a problem for cruise ships for years. Many have been rerouted due to terror attacks.

Izmit is found near Istanbul, which is known for terrorist attacks. This is certainly a dangerous cruise port and one to avoid, if possible.

Venezuela Cruise Ports

Listed as the 20th most dangerous country by World Population Review, Venezuela is another very dangerous place to cruise. In fact, a cruise passenger was murdered in 2014 on Margarita Island and there have been several robberies and kidnappings here.

The financial issues of the country have made Venezuela very dangerous and a cruise port to avoid.

Egypt Cruise Ports

Known for civilian harassment and tourists getting taken advantage of by law enforcement, Egypt’s cruise ports are not very safe. If you don’t adhere to the local customs, you could end up in trouble you never bargained for. They won’t even let you take pictures of the Suez Canal here.

Mexico Cruise Ports

Mexico has several beautiful cruise ports, but it’s also known as a place you could get robbed or end up kidnapped. In fact, Acapulco has army soldiers at the port to keep it secure.

Mazatlán is another popular cruise port in Mexico with a high crime rate. It’s known for robberies, murders, and kidnappings. There have been warnings issued for increased caution here. Be aware if you plan to cruise to any ports in Mexico.

Philippines Cruise Ports

Manila is a very popular spot for cruising in the Philippines. A few of the islands of Archipelago also provide cruise ports.

Mindanao is another popular cruise port, yet very dangerous. It’s stunning, but many cruisers have been attacked and some have been kidnapped for ransom.

Crime is high in the urban areas here with assaults and theft being common. Some kidnap-for-ransom incidents have been reported, as well.

Honduras Cruise Ports

While crime is declining in Honduras, it’s still very high. The country has a very high murder rate and the cruise ports are rather dangerous.

Roatan, Honduras is a beautiful paradise, but it’s also known for violent crimes with many Americans killed here, along with taxicab rapes and robberies.

These seven cruise ports are the most dangerous in the world. According to Business Insider, the most common crime on cruise ships is sexual assault. However, when you get off the ship in one of these ports, you could be subject to robbery, drugs, kidnapping, murder, or another horrific crime.

Are Cruise Ports Safe?

Are Cruise Ports Safe

The answer to this question depends on the cruise port. Some of the most dangerous cruise ports in the world are listed above, but some are very safe. The safest cruise ports in the world include:

  1. Key West, Florida
  2. St Maarten
  3. Grand Cayman
  4. Tortola
  5. Bonaire

Whether you’re traveling to one of these cruise ports or another port with a higher level of danger, you want to take the following things seriously:

  • Don’t go into isolated areas
  • Travel in groups
  • Leave expensive watches, jewelry and other items on the ship
  • Keep your wallet out of plain sight
  • Don’t travel with a backpack. If you must, wear it on the front of you.
  • Hold onto your camera tightly
  • Use luggage locks on your backpacks
  • Don’t get drunk off the ship
  • Remain alert and attentive at all times

These tips will help keep you safe when you get off your cruise ship at any port.

Where Should You Not Go on a Cruise?

Cruising is a great way to see many beautiful destinations. However, not all cruise destinations are safe. Along with the seven most dangerous cruise ports above, you want to exercise caution or avoid the following cruise destinations:

Jakarta, Indonesia – While it’s a beautiful area, the Strait of Malacca is known for pirates. A terrorist attack happened in a Starbucks here in 2016 and petty crimes are common here. Avoid freelance taxis at all costs here.

Dhaka, Bangladesh – While the architecture here is beautiful and worth seeing, it’s a very dangerous place. Many violent attacks have happened here.

Tunis, Tunisia – Found in North Africa, this cruise port offers beautiful ruins and art, but it’s not safe. Terrorist attacks are common and other crimes happen here often.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – While raw sewage is dumped directly into the ocean here making it unhealthy to cruise to, this port is also known for robberies.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria – It’s filled with beautiful beaches, but it’s one of the most dangerous places for pirate attacks and kidnappings in the world.

Aden, Yemen – It’s a huge place for piracy and many cruise ships have been attacked here. The U.S. issues a travel ban for Aden, as well.

Ashdod, Israel – While you may not deal with shrapnel on your ship like this German cruise ship did, this port is found near conflict areas, which means possible terrorist attacks.

Acajutla, El Salvador – Not super dangerous, but not super safe, either, Acajutla has a high homicide rate and robbery is common here.

Ivory Coast, Africa – A gorgeous place to cruise to, but also not so safe, the Ivory Coast is known for drugs and money laundering.

Nassau, Bahamas – A very popular cruise stop, Nassau us usually rather safe. However, you have to be aware in some areas as violent crimes can be high in the “Over the Hill” neighborhoods.

Be aware of where you will be cruising and the safety of the port. You don’t have to get off the ship and you can always do an excursion led by the cruising company.

If you do get off the ship and you don’t feel like it’s a safe port, stay close to the ship, just in case.