What Airlines Go to Honolulu?

If you are going on a vacation to the island of Hawaii, then you are probably looking for the most cost-effective way to get there. There are several airlines you can choose from, including Hawaiian Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Mokulele Airlines, and United. But what are the differences between these airlines, and how can you make sure you are getting the best deal on your airline ticket? Here are a few tips to help you cut the cost of your flight.

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines is a low cost carrier with a great value. It offers direct flights to a wide range of sun-filled vacation destinations, including Hawaii.

The airline is based in Las Vegas. Allegiant offers flights to Honolulu, Hawaii, and other popular vacation destinations in the southeastern USA. They have a variety of aircraft types, including Airbus A319 and Boeing 757.

Founded in 1997, Allegiant has gone through several changes. It originally began as WestJet Express, but was eventually rebranded to Allegiant.

Allegiant is an American low-cost airline that specializes in secondary markets. Its flights are often to smaller towns and cities.

As of February 2013, Allegiant has three weekly non-stop flights to Hawaii. Previously, the company offered seasonal Hawaii flights from other cities, including Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

In addition to Hawaii, Allegiant operates flights to Arizona, California, Florida, and other popular vacation destinations in the Southeast. Travelers can also purchase tickets for travel to Mexico and Canada.

While Allegiant does not offer a variety of in-flight entertainment options, it does allow approved devices onboard. Additionally, it has a variety of snack offerings.

Unlike other airlines, Allegiant does not charge for checked bags. Each passenger is allowed up to four pieces of luggage. However, they can weigh no more than 18 kilograms.

Currently, the airline has 44 Airbus A320 aircraft. These are certified to carry passengers with a maximum seating capacity of 186. Eventually, the airline will replace its aging fleet of MD-80 variants with Airbus A-320s.

Allegiant also offers vehicle rental services. Visitors can rent a car to explore the islands.

Allegiant is available to assist travelers with hotel reservations and show reservations.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii, serving all of the islands. Despite its size, it has managed to maintain a top-notch safety record and high-quality service.

Hawaiian offers an online booking platform, which makes planning a Hawaiian trip easier than ever. In addition to offering a variety of flight options, the airline has also expanded its scope to include nonstop international service.

One of the most impressive features of Hawaiian is its on-time performance. The company has led all U.S. carriers in on-time performance for 18 years.

One of the best features of Hawaiian Airlines is the fact that it provides complimentary meals on its transpacific routes. It’s also the only airline to offer this service on the mainland.

Another feature of Hawaiian Airlines is its frequent-flyer program, HawaiianMiles. This program allows travelers to earn points for free or discounted airline tickets, hotel stays, and merchandise. These rewards can be redeemed online, in-flight, or on the ground.

Another benefit of Hawaiian Airlines is its in-flight magazine, which provides great tips on how to get the most out of your Hawaiian travel. They also have a Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu Airport, which can be a nice place to relax after a long flight.

One of the most impressive features of the Hawaiian Airline is its on-time performance. The airline has managed to keep a solid on-time record despite the challenges of the airlines industry.

While most inter-island flights take less than 20 minutes, the longest one may stretch to 50 minutes. If you plan on doing more than one island during your trip, it’s wise to book your inter-island flights in conjunction with your international flight.


United Airlines is a major airline that has a large presence in the Hawaiian Islands. They offer non-stop flights from the United States to the islands. Some of their services include connecting travelers to Hawaii from Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Newark, San Francisco and New York.

The cheapest time to travel to Hawaii is during the off-peak months of the year. These are generally between the middle of April and the end of the summer. This is a good time to look for cheap hotel deals.

United will be adding more frequencies to its flagship Hawaii routes. It will be flying more than 20 nonstop routes between the mainland and the Hawaiian Islands.

The company’s commitment to the islands is at a pandemic era high. With the accelerated rollout of the vaccine, it is expected that demand for Hawaii will increase.

In addition to its extensive route network, United has some of the most technologically advanced aircraft. Some of its newer aircraft include the Boeing 787-10 and the 757-200.

Aside from its wide array of routes, United Airlines is also a member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Together with other members, the alliance flies to destinations across the globe.

The newest United flight to Hawaii will depart from Orange County Airport and will arrive in Honolulu in about six hours. The airline also offers a one-way ticket. Travelers can use their smartphone to find the cheapest airfares.

There are other airlines that offer more choices, including Hawaiian Airlines. They have a broader variety of routes and offer stopovers in Honolulu. They also offer better food in first class.

Mokulele Airlines

Mokulele Airlines is one of the top options for island hopping in Hawaii. This airline has a new fleet of smaller aircraft, and offers flights to several destinations in the state.

The airports that are served by Mokulele include Kapalua on Maui and Kahului on O’ahu. They also have flights to Kalaupapa on Molokai. A number of the aircraft are ADA accessible, and a six-inch opening in the overhead compartment is a standard feature.

Mokulele Airlines operates 120 daily flights from nine different airports on the Hawaiian islands. It has the most interisland flight frequencies of any other Hawaii airline.

Besides a direct flight to Maui, the airline flies to several other Hawaiian islands, including Kauai, Waimea, Lanai, and Kona. The planes carry on a maximum of 15 pounds of luggage.

On Maui, the airline serves the airports at Hana, Kahului, and Wailea. They have connections to Los Angeles, Washington-Dulles, Atlanta, and Phoenix.

While the airline carries on its own brand, it is part of Southern Airways, a commuter airline that operates between the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. Some passengers choose to use this airline’s connections to Alaska, Southwest, and Hawaiian Airlines.

Another reason that people book their trips with Mokulele is because they offer free one-way flights to a select number of travelers. Passengers who book at least 12 full-fare, round-trip flights with the airline are rewarded with a free flight voucher.

In addition to its Hawaii flights, Mokulele also has two dozen international routes. Most of these are short hops, but you can buy a connecting flight to other islands.

In September, Mokulele announced that it would start partnering with larger North American airlines, and will also offer flights to more Hawaii destinations. These new flights will make it easier for customers to book Hawaii trips.

Other ways to reduce the cost of plane tickets

One of the biggest expenses on a Hawaii vacation is the plane tickets. The cost of a round-trip ticket can range from around $250 to more than $2,000. However, there are some other ways to cut the cost of your flights.

The best way to get the cheapest rate is to plan your trip out in advance. Some airlines offer flash sales on specific routes and dates. You may also save money by booking in midweek.

The best time to book your flight is about two to three months in advance. Flights are generally cheaper on weekdays, but prices tend to rise during holidays.

Using a flight comparison website can help you track down the best price. In addition, using an airline loyalty program can reduce the overall cost of your trip.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid connecting flights. While you may be able to get a discounted rate on your airfare, you will not always receive compensation for missing your connection.

If you are flying from the US, the best time to go is in the off-peak period. This is generally between April and June.

It is also possible to find a low-cost flight to Hawaii by traveling during the fall shoulder season. There are some benefits to traveling during these months, including less traffic, a shorter commute, and more affordable hotels.

It is not uncommon to see some airline offer a free checked bag. Check the fine print before you purchase your ticket to avoid disappointment.

Buying a ticket to Hawaii is a big ticket item, but it is not impossible. You can save by combining a couple of flights, staying close to the airport, and minimizing your stops.