SpotHero’s Guide to O’Hare Airport Parking

O'Hare is one of the world's busiest airports and it's no secret that parking can be tough. That's why SpotHero helps you find parking near O'Hare with ease!

With our app, you can search for nearby parking spots by time and date. You'll get instant prices and discounts on lots that match your criteria.

Lot A

Lot A is located across from the Domestic Terminal and offers a variety of parking options, including hourly and daily. It also has a valet service available for short stays.

If you are only looking to park your car for a few hours, you can opt for the hourly garage on Level 1. Rates are $3 for 1 hour, $6 for 2 hours, $10 for 3 hours, up to $77 for 24 hours.

Lot B

Lot B is located right next to the Main Garage. Parking rates here start at $3 for 1 hour and go up to $42 per day.

These short-term parking options are ideal for greeting arriving passengers or dropping off departing ones. However, if you need to stay for a longer time, there are also economy lots that offer lower rates.

Lot C

Located right behind the Main Garage, Lot C is an uncovered lot that offers short-term parking. Rates are $3 for up to an hour, $6 for 1-2 hours and $10 for 3-4 hours.

These are great for travelers who need a convenient and affordable parking option at the airport. However, parking fees can get expensive if you stay overnight.

Lot D

If you’re looking for O’Hare airport parking, Lot D is the closest option to the International Terminal. It’s a surface lot with a barrier entrance and 24-hour parking attendants.

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s worth it to reserve a space ahead of time. Parking reservations cost $10 per day.

Lot E

Lot E is one of three economy lots at O’Hare Airport located within a short walk to the Domestic and International Terminals. These lots offer free shuttle service to and from the airport every 10 minutes.

Parking at ORD can be expensive, especially when you’re staying for a few days. However, there are many affordable off-site parking options near O’Hare.

Lot F

Lot F is a covered long-term parking lot at o'hare airport. It’s a short walk from the ATS and Multi-Modal Facility and is available 24/7.

Daily parking in the garage on Levels 2-6 costs $42 per day, and $294 for a week. Off-site lots offer lower rates and free shuttle bus transportation.

Lot G

O'hare airport is the sixth busiest in the world with non-stop flights to 228 destinations. With so many passengers passing through the airport, it can be difficult to find a place to park your vehicle.

Luckily, there are several short and long term parking options to choose from at O'hare. Plus, there are many off-site garages that are located near the airport that offer rates starting at $4 per day.

Lot H

O'hare International Airport is home to plenty of parking options from valet services to hourly, daily and long-term.

Lot H is a short-term parking lot that’s located right next to terminal 5. Its rates are $3 for the first hour, $6 for 1-2 hours and $10 for 2-3 hours.

Economy lots are further away from the terminals than the main garages, but these lots offer free shuttle buses that circle to drop passengers off at Lot E, where they can board the Airport Transit System (ATS). These rides are usually cheaper than rideshares.

Lot I

The main garage is adjacent to the domestic terminals and offers daily parking on Levels 2-6. Hourly parking is also available on Level 1.

Economy lots F and G are located on Levels 4 and 5 of the Multi-Modal Facility (MMF). These are suitable for long-term stays and are served by free shuttle buses that arrive every 5-15 minutes.

Lot J

If you’re flying out of o'hare airport, there are several different parking options to choose from. For instance, there are hourly and daily parking lots that are a short walk from the terminal.

However, these lots can be expensive, so it’s best to go for an off-airport option. Off-airport long term parking is much more affordable, and it’s also less stressful than trying to find on-site O'hare parking.