Should You Consider Taking a Weddingmoon?

Most couples getting married take a honeymoon in which you can relax after the excitement of wedding festivities have passed. After getting married in your hometown with your friends and family, this is your time to relax together as a couple and spend some time alone. Now, many people are taking “Weddingmoons.”

What is this new trend in travel?

“Weddingmoons” are the equivalent of a destination wedding. Many couples are having the wedding in the destination they want to honeymoon, and their friends and family fly in for the event. This allows couples to have a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location and immediately get to enjoy the honeymoon as they are already there.

This also allows their friends and families to take an amazing trip in order to be witness to the wedding. Here is what you should know about the latest travel and wedding trend, the “Weddingmoon.”

How does a “Weddingmoon” work?


If you want to take a “weddingmoon” with your significant other, they typically work by working with a resort. You would want to take advantage of their honeymoon package. The resort would need to be one that typically does weddings so that you’ll know they have the ability to have one. Honeymoon packages typically include the cost of:

  • On-site ceremony
  • Wedding consultant
  • Photographer with a picture package
  • Legal document assistance
  • Flowers and décor
  • Wedding cake
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Honeymoon dinner
  • Continental breakfast in bed
  • Two “just married” t-shirts

You’ll be able to plan the whole wedding with their wedding consultant and sometimes you can do this online. Typically, you’ll get to enjoy a private pre-wedding celebration for the group, a commemorative gift for each member of your group, and the couple will get a decorated honeymoon suite. You’ll get the option of customizing the wedding package or choosing a pre-designed package.

Why are people choosing “Weddingmoons?”

Once the wedding is over, couples are ready to relax. After the busy festivities of the wedding, they are suddenly supposed to travel the whole next day to a place where they can relax. Wouldn’t it be nicer to get the traveling out of the way before the wedding so that there is no waiting period before getting to relax?

It also puts a pause on the honeymoon. Having to spend a day traveling after the wedding in order to travel to your destination, puts the fun on hold. With a “weddingmoon,” you can enjoy your guests and then start your honeymoon whenever you are ready. The resort you spend your wedding night is where you’ll be enjoying your whole vacation and there is no packing or traveling needed after the wedding.

It’s also wonderful that your friends and family are getting a vacation out of your wedding. It’s a great way to gather friends and family, create memories, and give them a reason to travel. They will stay busy throughout the trip while you are spending your time alone. Some people find that they prefer a small and intimate wedding, and this is a great way to achieve that since many might not be able to afford the travel costs.


The cost can vary depending on the location you travel to, the cost of airfare, what deals the resort offers, and how long you stay. If you stay for a week or longer, it could get costly, but on the other hand, some resorts will not charge you if you plan your stay for a longer time frame. You may want to pay extra for activities during your trip, meals during your trip if it’s not an all-inclusive hotel, and for extra photos or wedding features for the big day.

The “weddingmoon” is becoming a trend in destination weddings and for good reason. Why not make the wedding easier by traveling ahead of time, having the wedding where the honeymoon will be, and creating a vacation for your closest family and friends? This is why you should consider taking a “weddingmoon.”