San Diego Airport Parking Options

san diego airport parking

If you are looking to park your vehicle at San Diego International Airport, you have a lot of options. These include short-term parking and long-term parking, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks.

In recent years, many airports have changed their strategy to meet the changing transportation landscape. These changes have made it difficult for private cars to compete with other ground access transportation modes like taxis, limos, shuttles and ride-share services.


If you want to park your car at San Diego Airport, there are several options. There are lots near the terminals that are open 24/7, and others are offsite.

The best short-term parking options are at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Parking Lots. These are located in front of the terminals and have covered walkways that provide easy access to the terminals.

These parking lots are ideal for travelers who are simply picking up and dropping off passengers or those who are staying overnight. Hourly rates at these lots start at $2.50 for the first 30 minutes and $6 for the first hour, while Daily and Long Term rates are $32 per day at Terminal 1 and $28 at Terminal 2.

If you’re traveling on a budget, you can also find affordable SAN Airport parking options in off-site lots near the airport. These lots are available on a daily, pre-paid or hourly basis and are safe, secure and convenient.


San Diego International Airport employs a variety of security measures. This includes TSA security screening, which is implemented for both arriving and departing passengers.

TSA has also announced that they are now offering TSA PreCheck, which allows passengers to pass through checkpoints without removing shoes, laptops, liquids and belts. For more information about the program and to enroll, please visit the TSA website.

Travelers should note that the SAN TSA PreCheck lanes are operated differently than normal Terminal 1 and 2 checkpoints, so it is important to know what to expect. You can find the TSA PreCheck enrollment center at the Ticketing Level of Terminal 2 East.

A breach of security at SAN led to evacuations of Terminal 2 West & East on Thursday afternoon. A passenger reached around a plexiglass barrier and stole a carry-on bag that had been flagged for additional inspection, TSA said.


If you are parking for a short trip and need a spot that is safe, convenient, and easy to get into, there are several San Diego Airport Parking options just steps from the terminal buildings. These include the Terminal 1 Parking Lot and Terminal 2 Parking Plaza.

For longer trips, there is the San Diego Airport Long Term Lot and the San Diego Airport Economy Lot. Both of these lots are easy to reach by free shuttles.

These facilities are operated by companies not affiliated with the airport, but they offer discounted parking space for travelers who want to park for their entire stay. They often offer amenities such as concierge services, transportation to and from the airport, and online booking.

In addition, many of these offsite long-term parking lots are operated by hotels near the airport. In some cases, these are even better deals than on-site parking.


On-site parking at san diego airport can get very expensive, especially in the long run. That’s why it is often recommended to choose offsite parking instead.

San Diego International Airport currently has two terminal parking lots near the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 entrances, as well as a new parking plaza next to the Terminal 2. Daily and hourly rates are also available.

Besides these options, the Long Term Lot is also available on Harbor Drive. It offers a daily rate of $20 and customers will have to board a free shuttle bus to reach the terminal buildings.

In addition to these options, san diego airport parking is available at many offsite locations. Some of these operators offer long-term parking, while others provide short-term options.