Round Trip Flights to Honolulu

round trip flights to honolulu

If you’ve been thinking of taking a round trip flights to Honolulu, you might be wondering which time of year to visit, how much money to spend, and what to do while in town. We’ve got the information you need to help you plan a great trip.

Cheapest time of day to fly

When you’re planning a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, the cheapest time to fly is likely to be in the afternoon. This is because airlines are eager to sell tickets during the less popular times.

One way to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible is to book your flights in advance. Airlines can change prices on a daily basis. Buying your tickets in the months before your trip is often the best bet.

The average price for a round trip to Hawaii is about $812, which is a decent chunk of change. There are many options to choose from, including Hawaiian Airlines, which has non-stop service to the islands from 13 U.S. gateway cities.

Another option is to visit the island during a high season. Although it’s a bit more expensive, you’ll get the added benefit of a relatively empty beach. On the flip side, you’ll have to pay more for lodging, car rentals, and other services.

To see what’s out there, try a search for “cheapest time to fly to Hawaii.” You’ll find a variety of results. These vary depending on which city you’re flying from, what airline you choose, and what time of year you’re traveling.

For example, flying to Hawaii from the Bay Area is a breeze, thanks to the plethora of airports within an hour’s drive. While airfares will be higher during peak seasons, you can expect to save a few hundred dollars by traveling midweek.

Likewise, you can save hundreds by flying in the morning or late afternoon. A flight from Oakland to Honolulu in the morning costs around $809, while an afternoon flight will be cheaper at around $507 per ticket.

If you don’t have the patience or the budget to travel in the afternoon, you can always hop on a train or a bus. Buses cost $2.75, while a shared shuttle will set you back $2.75.

Of course, it’s also important to consider what kind of travel experience you want. Flights from the East Coast to Hawaii are generally the most expensive, while flights from the West cost a few hundred dollars fewer.

Best time of year to visit

Oahu is a tropical island that has an incredibly diverse natural landscape. It is home to mountains, coastal plains, and interior valleys. Hawaii also boasts some of the best beaches in the world.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or participate in some extreme activities, you’ll find plenty to do. The Hawaiian Islands are a great place to visit all year round, but summer is the most popular season. During the summer, tourists flock to the islands to enjoy the warm weather and sand.

Hawaii is known for its sunny days, but the weather is far from predictable. Some years are better than others. For example, last summer a major eruption on the island of Kilauea prompted the evacuation of thousands. Another year, a hurricane destroyed much of Kauai. Luckily, the island is generally safe.

If you want to catch the whales in Hawaii, winter is the best time to do so. Although they are often in the water year-round, the months of December through May are especially favorable for whale watching.

Other things to see and do in Hawaii include the Volcom Pipe Pro and the Sony Open. These are two events that you won’t want to miss.

Another event to check out is the Waikiki Holiday Parade. The parade features marching bands and military units.

You might not realize it, but there are several festivals in Honolulu outside of the high season. Aloha Festivals celebrate Hawaiian heritage, and feature music, dance, and historical displays.

In addition to the big events, there are plenty of smaller festivals and off-the-radar events to keep you busy. The Made in Hawaii Festival, for instance, showcases local artisans and their work.

Another must-see is the Sailor Jerry Tattoo Festival. Originally started as a tribute to a famous tattoo artist, the festival now features a variety of entertainment, including stand-up comedy, movies, and tattooing.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Hawaii is in the summer, but September and October are also good months to go. You can avoid the crowds, avoid peak prices on hotel rooms, and enjoy some of the cheapest airfares.

Must-see attractions in Honolulu

If you are flying round trip flights to Honolulu, you’ll want to make sure to hit some of the best attractions in the city. From the top beaches to museums, there are plenty of great reasons to visit.

You’ll get a taste of Hawaii’s past at Pearl Harbor, the site of the attack on December 7, 1941. Tours will give you a historical context, and you can view the remains of the U.S.S. Arizona and USS Missouri, among other ships. This area also has a World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument, where you can see memorials for the fallen soldiers.

The city of Honolulu has many cultural sites that immerse visitors in the Hawaiian culture. One of the largest is Kahanu Garden, which is the state’s largest temple. It has 20 walking trails and a traditional Japanese garden.

Iolani Palace is the last royal home of the Hawaiian monarchy. Visitors can take a tour of the palace to learn about the monarchy and Hawaiian history. There are also art galleries, acupuncturists, a Buddhist temple, and herbalists.

The Bishop Museum, founded in 1889, is the largest museum in Hawaii. It’s a wonderful place to see the country’s largest collection of Asian art. In addition, it has a permanent David Hockney installation.

Honolulu’s historic Chinatown is a lively mix of Asian cultures and traditions. Here, you can find shops for tanger spices, herb shops, and Chinese restaurants. You’ll also find a Japanese shrine and a Buddhist temple.

One of the most popular Oahu activities is surfing. In the winter, the waves are high, but in the summer, they’re calmer. A number of surfing beaches are located in the Waikiki area.

Hiking is another popular activity. Manoa Falls, in the north of the island, is a popular hike. At a height of about 100 feet, the falls are surrounded by rainforest scenery. However, a trip to the falls requires a sturdy pair of hiking shoes, insect repellent, and water.

You can also enjoy a ride on the Waikiki Trolley, which makes stops at many of the attractions in the city. Alternatively, you can rent a car. Car rentals in Honolulu are relatively cheap.

Must-take home lei

When traveling to Hawaii, you might want to bring a flower lei back home as a souvenir. Leis are traditionally worn by Hawaiian royalty and are also used as a symbol of love and friendship. They can be made from many different types of plants, flowers and other items.

If you plan on bringing a lei from Hawaii home, you must follow some special guidelines. The United States Department of Agriculture regulates the transportation of leis. For example, you cannot take a lei with you when you leave the state if it contains any of the following prohibited items: citrus plants, Mauna Loa, jade vine, kikui nut, and seashells.

You may also have to check with your airline to find out if there are any rules for importing flower leis into your country. Some countries will require you to declare your leis to the authorities.

Before leaving Hawaii, your flower lei must be checked for pests or diseases. To prevent any damage, you will need to pack your lei in plastic and tissue paper. This is especially important if you are carrying fragile leis.

If you have a sweet-scented lei, you can spritz it with water to make it last longer. However, if your lei is made of leaves, it won’t benefit from a spritz.

If you have an orchid lei, you will need to take special care of it. Many people hang their leis to dry.

If you’re going to be in Honolulu for a luau, you might want to upgrade to a lei greeting. A lei greeting is usually a brief, but warm, welcome from the airport. Most luaus include the tradition.

Leis can be purchased from florist shops in the Overseas Terminal or at the inter-island terminal. In addition, you can find a roving lei cart that sells them at the baggage claim area.

Getting a lei greeting in a Hawaiian airport is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of the islands. Traditionally, a lei greeter will hold a name board and greet you with aloha.