Private Jet Rental New Orleans

private jet rental new orleans

Whether you’re planning to attend Mardi Gras or to simply explore its vibrant culture, this cosmopolitan city can make for an unforgettable trip. Flying private can help you get there in comfort and style.

The ‘Big Easy’, as it is affectionately known, rests on the Mississippi River and is home to a melting pot of unique culture. Its colorful buildings and Creole cuisine add to the charm.

Light jets

New Orleans is one of the most popular destinations in the United States and attracts millions of visitors each year. It is known for its French architecture, a mix of cultures and cuisine, and its vibrant nightlife.

It is the largest city in Louisiana and stretches along the Mississippi River at its confluence with the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the birthplace of jazz and the home of the Saints football team.

Chartering a private jet to New Orleans is a great way to see the best this amazing city has to offer! The city has a variety of interesting neighborhoods with their own distinct culture and history. Among these are the French Quarter, which has beautiful mansions and gorgeous architecture, and Bourbon Street, which is famous for its thriving nightlife.

Many tourists are drawn to the city for its Mardi Gras, a massive carnival that takes place in February and is regarded as the best time of the year to visit New Orleans. Millions of people come to the city for this event, which consists of costumes, music, and food.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a business trip, a private jet charter to New Orleans is an excellent option. You can fly to the city in comfort and style, and you will have access to luxury amenities and concierge services on board your aircraft.

If you’re unsure which private jet is right for your trip to New Orleans, our experienced travel advisors can help you determine the best aircraft type for your needs. They will provide you with a quote based on your comfort level, non-stop range, total passengers, amount of luggage and minimum runway required.

We have access to a large selection of light jets, midsize jets and heavy jets to meet your specific requirements for your flight to New Orleans. Contact us today to get your guaranteed instant quote for your next private jet flight!

Midsize jets

The capital of Louisiana and a port city on the Mississippi River, New Orleans is known for its round-the-clock nightlife, annual festivals (most notably Mardi Gras), Creole cuisine, vibrant music scene, and melting pot of unique culture. This raucous city is perfect for private jet travelers who want to escape the stress of airport travel and connect with the arts, history and renowned cuisine.

Choosing the right aircraft category for your New Orleans charter flight depends on your comfort level, non-stop range, total passengers and luggage. Our team will arrange the best aircraft for you based on these requirements.

There are a few different options for midsize jets, including the Learjet 60, Hawker 800XP and Falcon 20. These jets offer large cabins and a spacious lounge area, as well as many luxury amenities. They can carry up to nine passengers, and can fly 3,000 nautical miles without having to refuel.

For a longer journey, the next step up from the midsize jets is super-midsize. These jets can carry a larger number of people, and they are usually equipped with sofas and beds. These jets can also fly over 3000 miles, and they can accommodate up to 9 passengers with a large luggage capacity.

The airports that serve New Orleans include Lakefront Airport (NEW, KNEW) and Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY, KMSY). Both of these airports are located in Orleans Parish, about 10 miles west of the city’s central business district.