What to Consider When Planning an All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation?

If you’ve never taken an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation, these are typically vacations that charge one initial cost for your room, food, sometimes drinks, and sometimes activities. The benefit of an all-inclusive trip is that you are not pulling out your wallet during the trip every time you have a meal or order a drink.

Everything is paid for upfront which means you are not concerning yourself with how much you’ve spent each day of your trip for every meal. It allows people to relax and enjoy the trip more. The Caribbean is a very popular choice for all-inclusive vacations because they offer many of these. At one time, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts were known as budget properties where you were forced to eat from a buffet and you could only arrive on certain dates.

Now, all-inclusive Caribbean trips have evolved into luxury experiences that are appealing to more than just families; seniors, singles, and couples are finding the appeal of all-inclusive. Let’s take a look at what planning an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation entails and what you need to know.

Where to Stay

All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort Vacation

Fortunately, most resorts in the Caribbean offer all-inclusive packages. The most popular spots for this include:

These areas and more offer high-rise hotels and private-island getaways.

Why Choose All-Inclusive

Not only does it save you stress while you’re trying to relax on vacation, but all-inclusive is usually a cheaper option. You won’t risk overspending on the trip because everything was already paid for in advance. People love knowing exactly how much something is going to cost.

There are rarely hidden charges with all-inclusive. Typically the only extra costs are special activities, spa treatments, and some all-inclusive packages may not include alcoholic beverages.

What to Expect on an All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

All resorts are going to vary in what they offer, but they will tell you upfront exactly what you’re getting. Most include your food for the trip within the cost. Food can vary from buffets to full-service restaurants. Some may offer classic Caribbean food or they may offer varieties like English pubs and French bistros. Some places say that you can eat as often as you like while others have restaurant hours.

Most of the time when you order a frozen drink, it will be pre-made. Any cocktails will probably be made in front of you, so you can make special requests. You’ll know in advance in your resort includes drinks in the price or if that will be a separate charge once you arrive. In that case, they may charge a daily rate or cut you a deal on alcohol

All-inclusive typically includes the use of all resort amenities like the pool and hot tub. Sometimes you may find resorts like the Sandals Negril that include butler service and swim-up River Suites. The Breezes Grand Resort of Negril, Jamaica offers gourmet dining and golf in your package.

Which Resort is Right for me?

All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Make sure you’re picking a package that makes sense for the type of trip you’re planning. Families would want to try a resort, such as Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica because it’s kid-friendly with lots of kid entertainment and child care options.  Seniors may want a higher quality resort so they’d like the Petit St. Vincent in the Grenadines or Barbados’ Turtle Beach Resort.

Couples would want to shoot for a romantic getaway package. Some special couples resorts are intended for adults only and offer a bit of a romantic setting.  Singles typically like a good deal so they may want a play with good nightlife, a great pool, and all drinks included. This allows them to stay in their budget and meet other singles.

Once you’ve decided to go with an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean, look around at your options. You want to find a trip that suits your groups’ needs, that is within the budget you’ve set, and that offers the amenities you’re looking for.

While some resorts offer lower quality drinks and only buffet options, many have improved their resorts to offer finer dining and all you can drink options. All-inclusive trips to the Caribbean have become huge and there are plenty of options to meet your needs.