Monthly Car Rental Los Angeles: What to Expect

You can find a monthly car rental Los Angeles visitors can rely upon for cheaper rates and exceptional service. While most rental agreements last for a few days up to a week or two, long-term rental agreements are typically a month or longer. Such agreements make it simpler to rent a vehicle when you plan on staying in the greater Los Angeles area for longer than 14 days.

What follows are two standard methods for renting a vehicle for one month up to a year. Both options offer both benefits and possible detriments depending on your needs.

Cost-Effective Monthly Car Rental in Los Angeles

Monthly Car Rental Los Angeles

A monthly or long-term car rental is structured similarly to a short-term or standard car rental. The main difference apart from the length of time is the rates you pay for the vehicle. In most cases, you get a noticeably lower daily rate which makes a long-term agreement more attractive. And the longer the agreement, the less you will pay compared to renting several vehicles over a shorter period.

In many cases, long-term rental agreements are designed for emergency car replacement, when you need a vehicle for longer than a few weeks as you work to obtain a permanent solution. Or in some cases, such an agreement offers better terms compared to a standard car lease. But for those who are vacationing or working in Los Angeles for a few months, a monthly car rental agreement may be the best solution.

The downside is that a good rental agreement can still be expensive over the long term. Unless you are working and need fast, reliable transportation, you may be spending a considerable part of your budget on a long-term rental. This is where another option may be better for you.

Short Term Car Leases

One option that often gets overlooking when searching for long-term rental agreements is the short-term car lease. While most car leases last from 24 to 60 months, there are dealerships in the greater Los Angeles area that offer short-term car leases for as little as 3 to 5 months. If your stay in Los Angeles approaches at least three months, then you should consider a short-term car lease.

What you pay in terms of a short-term car lease will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, financing, agreed value, and any capitalized reductions in cost. The advantages of leasing rather than renting become more pronounced if you are taking over a lease. This means a low monthly payment and no upfront payments to the dealer. Plus, you avoid a down payment altogether.

However, the downside is that you need a good credit score to get this type of lease agreement. But if you can swing a lease swap, then you may save a considerable amount. At the very least, you should check out what companies that lease cars offer to see what deal may fit your needs.

If you are looking for a monthly car rental Los Angeles visitors can trust, then you should start by comparing car rental companies. It starts by looking for reputable car rental locations and then comparing rates to find the one that works best for you.