Make an Airport Parking Reservation

pearson airport parking reservation

If you’re flying into the Pearson Airport, you’ll want to make a reservation to park your car. You can choose from a variety of different options for parking at the airport. There’s short-term parking, valet care and even value park lots.

EZ Airport Parking

When it comes to parking at the Toronto Pearson Airport, EZ Airport Parking is known as one of the best off-airport options. It’s conveniently located just a short drive away from the airport, and offers great service.

With a shuttle running 24 hours a day, customers can count on a reliable transportation option. Customers are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the arrival time of their flight. Upon arrival, the EZ Airport parking attendant will accompany the customer to the airport terminal. They can then find a spot on their own, or have the valet driver drop them off.

The EZ Airport Parking service also offers free tire inflations, and a free battery boost. The company’s team monitors the cars at all times, and is ready to help out.

Value Park Lot

The Value Park Lot is a very convenient parking facility located at Toronto Pearson International Airport. This lot offers customers a lot of conveniences including free cell phone service for up to 45 minutes, currency exchange, ATMs, and mailboxes. It also offers free LINK Train service to the airport terminals.

A shuttle bus to the airport is available to passengers at the lot. Additionally, EV chargers are available at the park.

Although it is not a convenient option for short-term travelers, the Daily Park provides close-by parking and is ideal for snowy or rainy weather. For long-term stays, the Value Park Garage is a cheaper alternative.

Both of these options are accessible to the disabled. These spots are also near pedestrian crosswalks, making it easy for those with mobility problems to get to and from the lot.

Terminal 3 Valet Care

Valet care is one of the most convenient ways to park your vehicle at Toronto Pearson airport. For a one-time fee of $25, a professional valet will pick your car up and drop it off curbside. This option is ideal for people with heavy luggage, as well as children.

If you don’t have time to leave your car in the garage for the day, you can try the free LINK train. It runs every 4 minutes and offers easy connections between the terminals.

You might be thinking about self-parking at Toronto Pearson, but it’s actually the most expensive way to get around. Unless you have an early flight, you’re better off using the valet parking or cell phone lot.

Besides the cell phone lot, there are also two other places to pick up your phone for free. These include the Value Park Lot and the Daily Park Garage.

Short-term parking

A short-term airport parking reservation is just a way of saying you have paid to leave your car in a lot for a short amount of time. In most cases, you will pay a flat rate for the duration of your stay.

However, some airports also offer long-term airport parking. Long-term parking is a great option if you will be leaving your car for a few days. It is a cost-effective way to save on your expenses.

Short-term parking is a good choice if you are only going to be at the airport for a couple hours. These lots typically charge a premium over overnight parking. Some may offer a daily rate.

The best option is to book a reservation in advance. While this does not mean you will get an assigned parking space, you will have an easier time getting in and out of the lot.

Transit routes

There are a lot of different ways to get to the Toronto Pearson Airport. If you’re in a rush, you can get a taxi or rideshare service. And if you’re not, there are many bus and train options available to you.

The TTC operates on a network of bus routes, which can be integrated with the subway system. You can find information on these services by checking the Transit Commission’s website. In addition, you can purchase an e-ticket that will save 15% off regular fares.

Buses leave from Terminal 1. They also travel to many suburbs in the greater Toronto area. These include Brampton, North York, and Yonge-Sheppard.

Transit routes at the airport are integrated with the subway system. Subway Line 2 links the airport to downtown Toronto. It is available 24-hours a day.