Do You Think You are a Luxury Traveler?

There’s a big difference between thinking you are a luxury traveler and actually being one.

Many travelers think they are enjoying the best of the luxury life. However, this isn’t the case with a number of travelers. Some think one thing is a luxury when it’s really not. Here are a few signs you’re truly not a luxury traveler.

You’d Rather Spend Money than Time Planning Your Trip

Luxury Traveler

True luxury travelers have a deep understanding of their travel needs and wants. Instead of just throwing cash at the plan and making it the most expensive trip they’ve ever taken, they actually take the time to plan an amazing trip. Not only do they understand themselves, but they also understand what travel should cost, how to comparison shop and how to read the fine print.

Refuse Discounts

Again, spending money doesn’t make it a luxury trip. Discounts are a great way to get more out of your dollar when you travel. A real luxury traveler will not only accept discounts but also hunt them out.

Your Travel Agent isn’t Elite

The one-size-fits-all travel agents are not the best choice for the luxury traveler. They need a travel agent that can actually specialize the trip specifically for them instead of one offering five custom packages for the same trip. Some of the best travel agents in the world are not cheap, but they will cater to your every need.

Your Destination is Crowded

Luxury All-Inclusive Resort

If you often find that the destination you travel to is crowded, you are not a luxury traveler. The luxury travel avoids all of the following:

Luxury travelers know there are many elite resorts and places they can go to get the most out of their trip. They don’t like fighting crowds and even when they decide to travel to a crowded place, it doesn’t seem that way because they stay in a private area.

Snobby Behavior and the Brat Mentality

The wannabe luxury traveler is the spoiled brat with a snobby attitude. If you cannot forgive anybody for any mistake they may make, such as a small issue at a hotel, you are not a luxury traveler. We are all human, even the luxury traveler, and deserve respect.

A true luxury traveler is flexible and forgiving. They know things don’t always go their way, but they make the best out of it. They also understand service people make mistakes and things happen. If you want to be a luxury traveler, make sure you ditch the brat mentality and the snobby attitude.

Brand Name Hotels Only!

If you think the name on the hotel is what makes your trip a luxury trip, you are sorely mistaken. Some of the most elite and luxurious places you can stay in are smaller, boutique hotels or Bed & Breakfasts. These places can provide better luxury because they don’t have as many guests. They can literally cater to you and give you something pretty amazing.

Another type of trip many luxury travelers prefer is the all-inclusive resort stay. They love the idea of paying one price, upfront and relaxing as they enjoy the rest of their trip.

You Fly in Misery

Flying shouldn’t be miserable. Luxury travelers always fly in comfort. If you buy your airline tickets last minute and in a hurry, you are not a luxury traveler. However, if you spend the time to pick the right seats and get the best out of your flights, you may be a luxury traveler.

Luxury travelers don’t always fly in first-class or business class, especially on shorter flights. However, they will reserve seats near the window, aisle or in the emergency row. This allows a more enjoyable flight and provides the luxury traveler with their personal preference.

Saving Money on Tips

Luxury Spa

If you are one of those people that think you should get what you want from the service staff but refuse to leave a good tip, you are the furthest thing from a luxury traveler. This is a sign that you put more importance on yourself than anybody else and you have very little consideration for others. If this describes you, change your tipping philosophy immediately because you are missing out.

Luxury travelers not only understand the importance of the service staff, but they also respect them enough to leave a good tip. Some of the most luxurious travelers understand a higher than average tip can go a long way.

If you’re dining at a restaurant and you tip very well, guess what, they will remember you when you come back again. Maybe you have a special request for the Chef, if you tip well and they know it, this will not only be something they accommodate, but also something they enjoy doing. People will love taking better care of you and will go above and beyond when they know you tip well.

However, not always do you go back to the same place twice. Luxury travelers know they can make somebody’s day better with a great tip. They take care of the people that take care of them and they reward those that go above and beyond handsomely. You should always tip at least slightly above average and always throw in, even more, when somebody goes out of their way to make things easier or more comfortable for you.

Make sure you tip the following people, whenever you travel:

  • Doormen, bellman, elevator attendants, chambermaids, concierges, dog-sitters, baby sitters and valets
  • Cocktail waitresses, bartenders, blackjack dealers, poker dealers, waiters, and sommeliers
  • Tour guides and taxi drivers

When in doubt, tip!

You Over Plan Your Trip

Luxury travelers rarely have a full itinerary when they travel. They deal with full days when they are not traveling and understand vacation time should be spent relaxing. The luxury traveler may plan to see a few attractions or play a round of golf, but they don’t pack all the days of their trip with scheduled activities.

If you plan a huge itinerary and you spend time in contact with co-workers, bosses, and clients, while traveling, you are not a luxury traveler. Dump the work and enjoy your vacation. your mind and body need a rest. Spend time enjoying what you love and keep your days open for some spontaneous activities.

The true luxury traveler is always smiling and so are the people around them. When you travel well, book the right type of trips and take care of those taking care of you, it’s amazing how your trip and your outlook changes. If you want to enjoy the best and most luxurious trip of your life, it’s not about the dollars you spend, but the way you spend them. Start with an all-inclusive package from the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort and customize your package with add-ons, excursions and more!