Finding the Right Luxury Car Rental in NYC

When you’re looking for the best luxury car rental in NYC, you’re going to have to be smart and shopper-savvy when you actually take a look at what that looks like.  With all of the options out there these days, it’s easy to get lost in the details.  Take a look at what you’re going to need to know to do this the true, right way.

Why luxury in the first place?

Luxury Car Rental in NYC

A car is just a car, right?

Actually, no, not really.  You can rent all sorts of options when it comes to a car rental in NYC, but you’ll find yourself gravitating between the luxury options every single time.


Because they’re pretty darn impressive!

Whether you choose the sedan or SUV style, there’s just something so alluring about the easy opening and closing of the doors, the leather seats and the smooth seatbelts, the bells and whistles that are all yours…it’s going to give you that luxurious vibe — but for cheaper than you’d think!

Pro tips at finding the right luxury car rental in NYC

As you might be able to guess, the right tips for enjoying a cheap luxury car rental in NYC are by knowing how to find it and what, exactly, to look for!  Take a look at the top tips to help you do just that.

Book as early as possible

You probably already know this, but it bears repeating. The closer you get to your date, the higher the prices will climb.  Book as early as you possibly can and don’t be fooled into waiting for coupons to come in as you do your research.  Sure, they’ll give you discounts (coupons are never a bad thing, to be sure), but it still won’t come close to beating that “early bird” booking approach.

Think carefully about what add-ons you want

Obviously luxury is fun. But think carefully about what add-ons you want to put into your rental. For instance, are you firm on the idea of a luxury car rental with a driver?  Or, is it more of an auxiliary detail that you can swap out for something you want more?  This is a personal decision, but think about it and get a feel for what is most important for you!

Do some serious competitor research

Shop around carefully and make sure that you’re actually getting the best price. There are many sites that allow you to do just that, now, so use ‘em!

Understand the reality behind “upgrade”

Even if rental car companies tell you that you’re eligible for a “free upgrade”, free is never free. There’s always some hidden cost or some restriction that ends up making it a nightmare — and an expensive one.  Stay away from those buzz words and focus on getting what you came for!

Despite how they’re marketed, not all options for a luxury car rental in NYC are going to have the same definition of “luxury” as you do.  So, do yourself a favor and use these tips to help you get exactly what you’re looking for every single time.