Top Tips for Long Term Car Rentals in Chicago

If you’re on the hunt for long-term car rentals in Chicago and looking at protecting your funds as well as your convenience, you aren’t alone!  Since you’re looking at entering into a long-term arrangement for a car rental based in Chicago, it only makes sense that you should get the right advantages working for you, right?

Figure out how discounts work with long term car rentals in Chicago

Long Term Car Rentals in Chicago

You’ll be happy to know that it’s not all that uncommon to get some great discounts for rentals, but you will need to know where to look, and how those discounts are going to come your way with the final bill.  Here are some helpful points when choosing one of the top car rental companies.


If you’re used to paying for mileage, or you have only certain mileage allowed for your rental, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of cheap long-term car rentals in Chicago help you out with their mileage change. After the first term has passed (often 30 days), you either get discounted mileage or even unlimited mileage.  This is great for those who intend on putting a lot of miles on!

Savings on the final price

On the other side of a discount for long-term users, other options include the idea of savings on the final price.  These often will increment based on how long, exactly, you intend on keeping it.  For example, the discount may start at 10% for the first few weeks or months.  They grow higher, all the way to 50% in some cases, depending on when you end your rental.  It’s great for those that really do want to focus on the amount of time they need the rental for!

Extra add-ons

If extras are your game, you’ll enjoy the potential savings in extra features after the first term.  For example, easy swaps for different models, or even features such as a discounted driver or roadside assistance. For those that love the idea of extras, this is a huge win.

Get the package you want

The most important thing with something as specific as a long-term rental in Chicago, IL, is that you are getting the package that you actually want.  From those three options, you usually get some wiggle room in how you can enjoy a discount.

Don’t settle for something that you don’t like, because there is plenty of competition out there that will often bend over backward to give you what you’re looking for in discounts, just to be able to schedule you in for a long rental in the first place.  It ends up being lucrative for them and a huge win for you, especially if you know how to best use your discount — whatever option you may choose.

When you need long-term car rentals in Chicago that are going to give you the convenience that you seek and the discount that you deserve, knowing just what you are eligible for, and what you prefer, can do a lot to help you out!