How Much Does a Caribbean Cruise Cost?

If you’re planning a Caribbean cruise, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost you. While the price will depend on the length and destination of your trip, there are plenty of tips to keep in mind. You may want to consider a cruise that offers an all-inclusive option or you may be able to save some money by taking a shore excursion. And there are a number of other factors you should consider, such as port fees and gratuities.

All-inclusive vs fully all-inclusive

All-inclusive cruises are a great option for families. They are a safe, stress-free way to take a vacation. However, they can be pricey. If you want to save money, there are a few things you can do to make your trip more affordable.

There are two main types of all-inclusive resorts. An all-inclusive resort consists of a vacation that includes meals, drinks, and accommodations. A cruise consists of a trip that includes meals, drinks, and excursions.

A luxury all-inclusive resort, such as the Grand Velas Resort in Mexico, focuses on a high-end culinary experience. This all-suite, all-inclusive resort offers three daily meals, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, and unlimited on-property experiences.

The cost of an all-inclusive cruise will vary depending on the number of guests. It is also determined by the cruise line. Several mass-market cruise lines do not include many of the amenities that travelers expect.

All-inclusive cruises will typically offer a higher per-person cruise fare. This is because the cruise line includes a lot of items in the upfront pricing. These items include meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, gratuities, shore excursions, and internet access.

In addition to the items included in an all-inclusive cruise, there are additional expenses. For example, if you opt for a specialty restaurant, you will be charged a minimum of $25 to $100 per person. You will also need to pay for alcoholic beverages and spa treatments.

Most of the time, all-inclusive cruises do not include all of the amenities that a resort can provide. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. Some all-inclusive resorts will include golf outings, kids clubs, daily entertainment, and access to sister properties.

An all-inclusive Caribbean cruise can provide a great experience for your family. It’s a fun, relaxing trip. But it’s important to choose your destination carefully. Many all-inclusive cruises leave the ship’s grounds, so you may need to fly.

Before choosing a cruise or resort, consider what you want to do. Do you want a resort that specializes in relaxation or one that specializes in activity? If you’re looking for a romantic vacation, an all-inclusive resort can be a great choice.

Port fees

A Caribbean cruise costs vary by cruise line. Generally, the base fare includes all meals and entertainment on the ship. You’ll also want to account for extras, including souvenirs and gratuities.

One of the most common expenses is transport to and from the port. The cost will vary, depending on where you’re going and when you’re coming to or from the port. If you’re traveling to the Caribbean from out of town, you’ll also need to book a hotel.

Port fees are a per-passenger fee charged by the port to the cruise line. These are calculated based on the size of the ship. There are a few types of port fees, including a pilot fee, which is paid by a smaller boat approaching the ship.

Another type of cruise cost is the head tax, which is a small fee paid for every passenger. This is used to help pay for local infrastructure. Often, this is not included in the base price.

Other items that may be added to the price of a cruise include specialty dining, specialty drinks, room service, and laundry. Some cruise lines offer free entertainment and enrichment classes. However, these are rarely the most important factors to consider.

Although the base fare includes all meals and entertainment, some additional costs can add up to a significant amount of money. Depending on the size of your party, you might want to consider booking a private room.

Some of the most popular cruise ships include the Disney Magic and Liberty of the Seas. Each has a free gym, dance parties, and movies. On most ships, you’ll also have access to video games, arcades, and designer handbags.

Most cruise fares include a gratuity. Though you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to pay it up front, most cruise lines recommend that you do so. Alternatively, you can pay it at the end of the cruise.

A Caribbean cruise is one of the most affordable vacations you can take. Prices are generally between $200 and $500 per person, but you might be able to find a bargain.


Gratuities are a way for cruisers to reward particular crew members. The money is generally added to a cruiser’s onboard account and then is distributed to the staff that made their experience enjoyable.

Many cruise lines include gratuities in the base price of the cruise. Others require you to prepay before you set sail. Typically, the gratuity is paid with cash or with your credit card, but some offer a prepaid option.

Depending on the cruise line, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $15 per person per day. It is not uncommon for cruises to include additional gratuities for special cruise activities and drink packages.

In addition to the gratuity that you may be charged, you can also choose to receive a refund after the ship has departed. Some cruise lines offer mobile apps that let you view your onboard account.

If you want to give an extra tip, you can either add it to the receipt, or leave it directly to the crew. Giving cash is the best option, though. You can also give a gift to a crew member in order to show appreciation.

Cruise lines will typically distribute your gratuity to certain crew members according to a formula. They share the amount with the main dining room wait staff, bartenders, and other hotel services teams. But some departments are excluded.

Royal Caribbean has recently started to increase its daily gratuity rates for cruise ship passengers. The hike is the first in several years. After January 2, 2018, the rate went up by $1 per day per guest.

Guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise can lock in the current rates by prepaying for gratuities before September 7. However, other onboard policies are unchanged.

For example, you can give your crew a WOW card for good service. This recognition will go on a permanent file and may be a key to a pay raise or promotion.

Another interesting fact is that onboard gratuities are automatically included in the cost of beverages, spa and salon purchases, and minibar items.

Shore excursions

The cost of a Caribbean cruise with shore excursions depends on many factors. A large portion of the cost is accounted for by airfare, but there are several other costs to consider as well.

The first is the cost of the cruise itself. A cheap cruise can provide basic accommodations and amenities, but there are additional fees for specialty dining, souvenirs, and transportation to and from the port. In addition, passengers must account for flights, gas, and baggage.

The second part of the cruise cost is the cost of shore excursions. Most cruise fares don’t include these. Some of the most expensive excursions are flightseeing excursions in helicopters. However, there are also plenty of less expensive excursions.

The best way to avoid unnecessary expenses is to book all shore excursions in advance. Many cruise lines offer bundle packages or special offers for this purpose. You can even buy a package that includes one or more shore excursions. These types of tours usually come with a private guide, meals, and other amenities.

Shore excursions vary in price depending on the destination and activities. Some of the more expensive activities involve wine tastings, helicopter flights, and private dining. Others include cocktail demonstrations, cooking classes, and access to thermal spas.

It’s also important to remember that your cruise fare doesn’t cover taxes and fees. These may range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Other expenses can include hotel stays in port cities, taxis to beaches and restaurants, and transportation to and from the airport. If you’re flying to the port, make sure to arrive the day before the ship’s arrival. This can prevent delays.

If you’re traveling with a group, you can also opt to take a cruise line bus. If you’re on a budget, you can drive to the port. But parking can be costly, especially if you’re traveling in a large group.

The third and final aspect of your cruise cost is the cost of your activities in the port. You’ll find a number of entertainment venues, including roller coasters, theaters, and martini bars.