Galveston TX Cruises – What Is Offered At This Port?

Galveston TX Cruises

Galveston, Texas Cruises are Great!

Why are Galveston, TX cruises so amazing?  They are cheaper than most of the other cruises out there and they go to some of the best destinations in the world.  If you like, the tropical areas of the world you will love taking a trip on a boat to the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast of Mexico.  The destinations are only part of what you get with Galveston, TX cruises.

If you want to make a full vacation out of it, you can actually stay in the Galveston area before or after your cruise.  There are many tourist areas in Galveston you will love and the city is full of history.  In addition, it is only a short drive away from Houston, which offers many events and attractions to enjoy.

The Galveston, Texas cruises include many choices from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and even Disney Cruises.  They offer mainly 5 to 7-day voyages, but there is a 16-day cruise to Spain and a few 3-day cruises you can choose from.  You can travel to South America, the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and parts of the Bahamas on one of these cruises.

Galveston, TX Cruises – Two of the Main Ships

Cruises from Galveston

1. Carnival Ecstasy

The Ecstasy is one of the main cruise ships for the Carnival fleet out of Galveston.  The Ecstasy features 4-day cruises to Cozumel and Mexico.  They also have a 5-day cruise going to Cozumel and Merida.  There are many opportunities throughout the year and you may be leaving on a Saturday or you may be leaving on a Monday.  Make sure you understand which day the cruise is leaving, so you aren’t left behind.

The Ecstasy was refurbished fully in 2009 giving it the ability to offer much more than it did before.  There are many great onboard features you can enjoy including many bars, a casino, regular shows, and more.  The ship can hold up to 600 tourists and this will help you get exactly what you need out of your vacation.

2.  Carnival Conquest

Another top choice for your Galveston cruises is the Conquest from Carnival.  This liner features round-trip and 7-day cruises with two totally different itineraries.  One of these trips will take you to Key West and two different ports in the Bahamas.  The second itinerary will include a Jamaica port, Cozumel, and the Cayman Islands.

The Conquest was constructed in 2002 and then refurbished three years later.  It is able to carry 700 passengers aboard and has many different choices for restaurants, bars, and activities.  Out of all the ships leaving the Galveston port, this is one of the most popular choices.

Finding the Best Deals on Galveston TX Cruises

Galveston Texas Cruises

If you want to find the best deals on Galveston, TX cruises, you have to look online.  There are many websites that will offer great deals like  CruiseDirect.  This is one of the best sites to book your cruise and save money on your package.

You will have many options for your cruse and even if you are on a budget, you can find the right cruise for you.  Make sure to check a few of the other travel sites and make sure you take the time to check out the cruise company sites directly before you book.  This will ensure you always get the best deal on one of the Galveston cruises.