Does the Magic Kingdom Have Fireworks Every Night?

The very simple answer is YES! Every single night of the year, you can enjoy fireworks at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The main show is called Happily Ever After, which was the replacement for the old show called Wishes.

In addition to the regular fireworks, special shows are held for holidays and additional shows are held throughout the summer. Let’s look a little closer at what the Magic Kingdom offers for fireworks shows throughout the year.

When do the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Start?

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

The time of year will determine when the Magic Kingdom fireworks start including:

  • Summer Season – 9:15 with a second show usually around 10pm
  • Fall Season (Halloween) – 9pm most nights with a special show on Not So Scary Party Nights
  • Christmas Season – 9pm with a special show for Christmas Party Nights
  • Winter Season – 8pm
  • Spring Season – 8pm or 9pm, depending on the day

Make sure to check the time’s guide for the day before you assume the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom will happen at a specific time.

How Long are the Magic Kingdom Fireworks?

The regular show, Happily Ever After, lasts about 18 minutes according to the Disney World Website.

Which other Disney World Parks have Fireworks?

Disney's Epcot Fireworks
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EPCOT is the best choice outside of Magic Kingdom for fireworks at Disney World. They provide a spectacular show every night, which was called IlluminNations: Reflections of Earth. However, the show has temporarily been upgraded to Epcot Forever and will be replaced in 2020 with a show called HarmonioUS, which promises to be even bigger and better.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios also offers some fireworks with the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show, but it’s not nearly as impressive as the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Fantasmic is the main end-of-the-night show at Hollywood Studios and also has a few fireworks.

Both shows at Hollywood Studios are very well done and worth seeing, but they are not as full of fireworks as the shows at Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom does not offer any fireworks due to the animals living here. The natural environment needs to be protected for the animals and fireworks too close would cause issues for many of the beautiful animals here. They do have a Rivers of Light show, but it’s not nearly as spectacular as the shows at the other Disney World theme parks.

When Should You Start Saving Your Fireworks Spot at Disney World?

Getting a prime fireworks spot at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot can be a challenge. Many guests will start saving their spot two or even three hours before the show. It’s common to see one person saving a spot for the entire group for multiple hours.

If you’re going to the Magic Kingdom on a regular night and you want a prime spot for fireworks viewing, start saving your spot at least 90 minutes before the show. On holidays, such as July 4th, you will need to start saving your spot at least 4 hours in advance.

The year my wife and I went to the Magic Kingdom July 4th show (we went on the 3rd), we started saving our spot at 4pm with the show starting at 9:15pm. We went to the Epcot show on July 4th and started saving our spot at 5pm for a show starting at 9pm.

The prime spots at Epcot go quickly and can be difficult to get. If you want the best viewing at Epcot, make sure you start saving your fireworks spot at least two hours ahead of time.

You can designate one person to save your spot and use a blanket to mark your territory. Then, rotate the person saving the spot so nobody has to sit and do nothing at Disney World for too long.

What does Walt Disney World Spend on Fireworks?

Disney World Fireworks
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The only entity in the United States purchasing more pyrotechnics than Disney World is the U.S. Military. Walt Disney World spends between $41K and $55K per night on fireworks. On an annual basis, they spend around $50 million for fireworks and pyrotechnic effects.

The fireworks at Walt Disney World are incredible. They can be seen from many places around the property, including the Disney World campground, and you should certainly experience the show at the Magic Kingdom at least once in your lifetime.

If you’re planning your next Walt Disney vacation, make sure you make time to see the fireworks. For those that have already seen the show, getting in line for the most popular rides an hour before the show and throughout the show is a great way to enjoy shorter wait times.