Finding the Best Discount Cruises from Galveston

The city of Galveston is considered as the best port city offering Caribbean discount cruises from Galveston in comparison to other southern cities such as Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Most tourists flock to Galveston to take advantage of the benefits that other cities simply do not have. Galveston cruises are known for their competitive pricing and packages, making discount cruises from Galveston one of the hottest deals in the Caribbean cruises market.

Everybody loves discounts, who doesn’t? Ever since man learned the concept of trading and commerce, the prospect of getting something in exchange for something less than the normal price never failed to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Just imagine your ancestors bartering for food (“Hey I got this spear for five shells instead of the usual ten.”), or your mother coming in from the grocery (“They just took off ten cents from the laundry detergent at aisle six, how nice of them.”) See? You’re smiling now.

Gone were the days when cruise ship vacations were reserved for the rich. Today, it is very common to see cruise ship offers below $500, making it possible to bring the whole family along. Cruise ship companies offer a variety of cruise packages at very appealing prices.

Since cruise ships are designed to carry thousands of passengers at a time, the sheer amount of rooms that are required to fill allows cruise ship companies to use various strategies to create a profit. Likewise, you can also use several methods to find discount cruises from Galveston.

A Few Things to Know About Discount Cruises from Galveston

First, check if your planned vacation date is within the “peak season” or the “off-season”. Peak season in the Caribbean is between the middle of December and the middle of April. On the other hand, the off-season in the Caribbean is between the middle of April and the middle of December. Even if you plan to take discount cruises from Galveston a couple of weeks before or after the peak season, you will be surprised by how low prices can go.

Second, make sure that you have read the prices correctly. Most cabin rates are based on a two-person occupancy scheme. In addition, check if the price quoted already includes applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees. Make sure that all totals add up correctly with no hidden charges. Review the specifics of the package, making sure that you are getting what you want.

Third, do not expect to get a hefty discount from cruise lines by going as a group. The most that you can get would be a 5 percent discount or a couple of extra amenities. However, do not be surprised if your group does not get any discount at all.

Fourth,  discount cruises from Galveston also offer reduced prices for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, and teachers. In addition, there are also discounts available for EMTs, health workers, and senior citizens. It is best to contact the cruise line company for documentation requirements to ensure eligibility.

Two Final Things About Discount Cruises from Galveston

Fifth, most cruise lines publish their schedules one year ahead, and many customers make advance reservations. However, last-minute cancellations create an opportunity for discounted cruises from Galveston. It helps to check cruise travel sites on a regular basis. Just make sure to delete cookies from the browser to load updated information from the server.

Lastly, if you travel frequently and usually know a travel agency or two you can trust, stick with them. If you happen to be a regular customer, your travel agent would be more sensitive to your needs and preferences. This saves time and allows you to focus on just a few options for discount cruises from Galveston.