Cruises from Texas: What are Your Choices?

If you are looking into cruises from Texas, you have many choices for your vacation.  You can travel through the Caribbean or you can take a transatlantic cruise.  There are cruises all the way from 4 days to 16 days and you have plenty of choices.  The best part is the cruises from Texas are growing and in 2012, the Galveston port is getting a couple of new cruise lines.

Currently, the Galveston port is home to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruise lines.  However, in 2012, Disney will be added to the port and Carnival is adding a fifth cruise ship along with both Royal Caribbean and Carnival adding more voyages.  This is good news for those wanting to take one of the cruises from Texas because there will be even more choices.

Cruising is a great way to take a vacation and with the addition of Disney in 2012, the Galveston, Texas port will have many family-friendly choices along with many adult cruising options.  Carnival already offers four different ships with many activities onboard for both adults and families, and Disney will only add more to the mix.

The Destinations for Cruises from Texas

If you are interested in taking one of the cruises from Texas, you will have many destination choices.  These range from Caribbean destinations like Cozumel and the Bahamas to European destinations including many ports in Spain.  You can take the cruise of your dreams and see the destination you are most interested in.

The one destination many people want to see when taking one of the cruises from Texas is the actual ship.  You are going to spend at least a couple of days aboard the ship without the opportunity to port and get off the ship.  This should be the destination you spend the most time considering because not every ship is the same.

Some ships offer casinos, many different bars and restaurants, activities, shows, swimming, and more, but others don’t offer the same things.  One thing families should consider are the ships that offer a Teen Center and babysitting services.  Mom and Dad deserve a little time to themselves and the children should be having fun on the ship while they are on vacation.

Take your time to consider, not only the actual places your ship will port but also the ship itself.  Every ship will go to some very amazing destinations, but not every one of them will offer the things you really want to experience.  This is very important and you need to look at what is offered before you book your cruise.

Another thing to look at when you are considering one of the cruises from Texas is the shore excursions.  There are many different choices from kayak tours to scuba diving.  Not every cruise will be the same when it comes to their shore excursions, so you need to decide what you want out of your shore excursions before you decide on the ship you want to be aboard.

Booking Cruises from Texas

One of the main reasons people consider booking one of the cruises from Texas is the cost.  Since this is not one of the main ports in the United States, it is often cheaper to cruise from Texas than from other ports.  The best part is these ships go to many of the same destinations as ships sailing out of Miami, but they are not as expensive in many circumstances.

When you decide you want to book one of the cruises from Texas make sure you compare a few of the similar cruises offered by the different cruise lines.  You want to make sure you get the best deal on your cruise and booking online is probably the best way to go.  This will give you the best price in most cases and you will have an easier time comparing the different cruises online.

The final thing you should consider when booking one of the cruises from Texas is the all-inclusive option.  This can be a great way to take a cruise because you will not have to carry much cash or pay for much at all when you aboard the ship.  You can even pay for the shore excursions you want ahead of time.

Choosing to take a vacation aboard a cruise ship is an experience of a lifetime.  Everybody should take a cruise at least once in their life and many will want to take a second cruise after they experience the journey.  Take your time and choose the right one of the cruises from Texas for you, so that your journey is full of amazing memories.