Cleveland Airport Parking Options

cleveland airport parking

When visiting Cleveland airport, you can find parking facilities that are both convenient and affordable. There are both short and long term options available. Some of these options include a CLE smart parking garage, a cell phone lot and a brown lot.

CLE smart parking garage

The CLE Smart Parking Garage is one of the most technologically advanced options for Cleveland Airport parking. It is linked to the terminal building via walkways and a skywalk. This multilevel garage is equipped with LED lights, an intelligent guidance system and covered parking.

The Smart Parking Garage is a great choice for long term parking. Parking rates can range from $20 to $5 per hour. You can also pay by credit card. Moreover, you’ll find that the Smart Garage is the closest option to the terminals.

Aside from the CLE Smart Parking Garage, there are two other options for on-site parking. These include the Blue Lot and the Orange Lot. Located across Park Road from the CLE Smart Parking Garage, the Orange lot is connected to the Smart garage by a skywalk.

Brown lot

Cleveland Airport offers many parking options for travelers. These range from on-site garages to off-site lots. The official website provides an up-to-date list of parking facilities and rates. You can also sort through these options to find the best parking deals.

If you are looking to save money on airport parking, try the Brown Lot. This lot is located just east of the airport. It is free to use. But, it does require a shuttle ride to the terminal. In the coming weeks, this lot will open for visitors.

Another on-site option is the Blue Lot. This is a newer option. It is a little farther away from the terminal than the other parking options. However, it is the most cost-efficient.

If you don’t want to go all the way to the terminal, there are also options for valet and long-term parking. There is even a smart parking garage option at the airport.

Red lot

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) offers multiple parking options, including long-term and short-term parking. These facilities are located just east of the airport, near the terminals and offer a variety of rates.

The official airport website provides information on current parking rates and flight schedules. Visitors can also sort through various options and compare recent customer reviews.

ParkingAccess is a covered parking facility located in the northern part of the airport. It is connected to the airport through a skywalk. This facility accepts credit card payments.

The CLE Smart Parking Garage is a multi-level covered garage. The rate is $20 per day. This facility is attached to the terminal via a skywalk on level three. Using this option requires a valid parking permit.

Another on-site option is the Red Lot. Red Lot is located on the left side of the CLE parking facility. Located near the terminal, this lot is open 24 hours.

Orange lot

Cleveland Airport parking can be confusing. The official airport page offers information on rates, airport facilities, and directions. However, there are also several off-site lots to choose from.

These off-site parking lots often offer car wash services. Some also provide a free shuttle to the airport. If you’re looking for a place to park your car for longer than a day, these are perfect for you.

While there are many different options, there are two parking lots that are very close to the airport terminals. These include the Curbside Valet and ParkingAccess lots. Both of these parking lots accept credit cards, and the Curbside Valet is even open 24 hours.

The other option is the Smart Parking Garage. This garage is located on level 3 of the terminal, and it has a skywalk connection. There is also an electronic signage system. It is the most technologically advanced option at the airport.

Cell Phone Lot

The Cell Phone Lot at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a great option for short-term parking. It’s located just a few minutes from the airport’s terminals.

Drivers can park their car for free and wait for a call. The facility is also equipped with restrooms, Wi-Fi, and basic auto repair services. In addition to this, it offers digital signage with flight information.

Besides this facility, the airport has off-site parking options for travelers. These include the Blue Lot, the Orange Lot, and the Red Lot.

A free shuttle runs between these lots and the airport every 15 minutes. Alternatively, drivers can loop back on Cargo Road, which extends their trip by several minutes. However, if drivers do not use this method, they risk being ticketed.

Another option is to drive through the continuous loop around the airport. There are signs advising drivers to keep left.