Where to Get Your Car Rental at the Miami Airport

With the sheer number of options out there, making the choice for the right car rental at the Miami airport can be very intimidating when you’re just seeing the sheer amount of listing options.  Need a road map to help you see just what the right decision is going to be amongst the impressive 16 options?  Here is some guidance to depend on.

Best opportunities for a car rental at the Miami airport


Car Rental at the Miami Airport

You read that number correctly.  There are 16 different options that will offer you the supposed best experience when you need to rent a car for your stay.  If you want to know which ones to definitely check out closer, here are some great starting points that offer you great customer ratings and excellent deals.

Budget Car Rental at the Miami Airport

Budget offers quite a few perks, one of which being that they are priced pretty low at $20 per day.  One of the leading brands for its convenient drop-off and its cleanliness, specifically, this is a well-loved rental option across different vehicle classes.  Simple and sweet, a Budget car rental at the Miami airport is just right for those inexperienced or unsure.


Considered to be one of the best at the airport when it comes to comparison, an Avis car rental at the Miami airport scores highly specifically with value for money (priced at $21 per day).  Customers tend to really enjoy both the drop-off and pick-up experience, making it great especially for those that are in a hurry or have had negative experiences in the past.


Rentals here are priced at approximately $32 per day.  This one is well-loved for its positive reviews.  Even when compared with other giants, Sixt has a very high number of positive reviews from customers.  If you are someone who bases their decision solely based on reviews, this is something to think about!


Another leader, this one is priced at $23 a day, and it offers a great response from any customer. It has a good rating for value for money and it also has a good pick up and drop-off service.  Customers find that Thrifty is pretty much as expected with nothing exceptional or lacking.  For those that want a sure bet, this is as close as you’ll get!

Regardless of what rental agency you decide on, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll get all sorts of options for car rental classes, and great rates.  The only thing to think about is that there are often wait times and higher fees when it comes specifically to airport rentals.

For those that love the convenience of a simple airport rental, this is no problem. If time is of the essence, you might find it worth your time to consider a rental elsewhere in the city.  You’ll still get the selection, of course, and all of the same brands.  Just shorter lines!

If you’re searching for long-term car rentals in Miami, you might find a few at the airport. Hertz car rental is a good choice, but you may need to search the entire Miami area.

Now that you know a bit more about your options, finding the right car rental at the Miami airport is going to be much easier.  Just goes to prove that the right information can work wonders when you use it in the right way.