Can you Visit Disney Hotels Without Staying?

Known as “Resort Hopping”, the simple answer to the question, “can you visit Disney hotels without staying?” is YES!

In fact, you can go to any of the resorts and enjoy tons of free activities, restaurants for dining, bars for adult beverages, and more!

The Fun & Fabulous Art of Resort Hopping

You don’t need a ticket to a theme park or an annual pass to visit the Disney hotels at Walt Disney World Resort. While you won’t be able to swim in a pool without a room at the hotel, you can still enjoy plenty of fun and it’s FREE!

Yes, you can pay for dinner, buy drinks, and pay for other things at the resorts, but just visiting the resorts is 100% free, if you don’t park at the resort. Park at Disney Springs and take the bus over to enjoy free parking and free resort hopping at Disney World in Orlando.

If you’re on a trip to enjoy the Disney Theme Parks, planning a resort hopping or resort visiting day is a great filler. When you spend too many days in the parks, you’ll get worn out. A resort day allows for a unique experience with plenty to do and it’s a bit more relaxing.

Some of the resorts offer scavenger hunts and other things for kids to do at Disney, as well. You can enjoy so much fun resort hopping, it’s almost necessary to make this a part of your Disney vacation.

Top Resorts to Visit at Walt Disney World

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
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Depending on who is going on your trip, there are several great resorts to visit. Let’s look at the best choice for couples, families, and families with younger children.

Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Couples

Whether you prefer the romance of watching animals outside the window or you want one of the finest meals offered at Walt Disney World, there’s a great resort for you as a couple.

Some of the top Walt Disney World Resorts to visit for couples include:

During the holidays, including Easter and Halloween, these resorts become even more fun to visit for couples!

Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Families

Disney is all about the kids and the entire family. There are several great kid-friendly resorts to visit throughout and just about every resort can be on this list. A few of the best options include:

Plenty of other great choices offer things to do and places to dine as a family, as well. Fort Wilderness, the Disney Campground, is one of the best choices because of the many activities. They also offer trick-or-treating at Halloween and beautiful lights during Christmas.

Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Families with Younger Children

Disney's Art of Animation
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If you have younger children with you, resort hopping becomes a bit of a different experience. Younger kids get tired faster and may have different needs. Some of the best Disney resorts to visit with younger children include:

All of these offer a great choice for families with younger children going to Walt Disney World.

If you’re an annual passholder and you live in Florida or travel to the area multiple times a year, you should see a new resort (or three) every single time you go.

Each resort offers something very unique and since the answer to, “Can you visit Disney hotels without staying?” is YES, why not enjoy every single resort this year?