Can Royal Caribbean Cruise Credits Be Transferred to My Next Cruise?

can royal caribbean cruise credits be transferred

If you have made any purchases with onboard credit on your cruise, you may be wondering whether or not you can transfer those credits to your next cruise. Here are a few of the things you should know about that.

Dining packages

You can save money on your next cruise by taking advantage of Royal Caribbean dining packages. These package options are designed to give you access to a variety of different restaurants. There are three different options to choose from, each with a different set of rules and conditions.

The Unlimited Dining Package allows guests to dine in a variety of specialty restaurants. This includes unlimited appetizers and desserts. It can be booked online before your cruise.

Those who wish to sample the various specialty restaurants onboard can make reservations ahead of time. While there are no blackout dates, all reservations are subject to availability on the day of your cruise.

There are also special holiday offers. For example, guests can enjoy a special Sushi & Sake meal or a five-course tasting menu at the Chef’s Table. Also, there are kids’ packages that offer discounted prices.

However, if you would prefer to book your own dining arrangements, there are a number of a la carte restaurants onboard. These are more affordable than specialty restaurants.

Royal Caribbean has three different dining packages, which are available on select cruises. In addition, they may have sales on these packages during the embarkation day.

You can also purchase an onboard credit. This is used for most onboard purchases. If you do not use your entire credit before the end of the cruise, it will be converted into a Future Cruise Credit. Unlike an onboard credit, the Future Cruise Credit cannot be used to pay for port fees, taxes or medical expenses.

Another way to save on your cruise is to make your restaurant reservations in advance. Many cruise lines recommend doing this. Usually, these reservations are available up to 120 days in advance.

Spa services

Cruise ship spa services are one of the best ways to relax and unwind during a long trip. They provide a variety of services, from massages to skin care to hair styling. The competition among cruise lines is intense.

Spas on cruise ships are more elaborate than ever. In addition to their spa offerings, ships have fitness centers with classes like Pilates and yoga. Many ships also have salt chambers, which are a great way to ease skin conditions. These salt chambers feature self-regulating ambient temperatures and soft lighting.

Massages are one of the most popular treatments offered on board. Spas offer several different types of massages including Swedish, hot stones, and deep tissue. Some cruise ships even offer two-for-one specials.

Facials are a good bet as well. A facial uses anti-aging products, and it may even include a teeth whitening treatment. Other services offered in a cruise ship salon include nail services, hair styling, and body services.

YSpa is a special spa area for young passengers on some ships. This includes a tropical shower with a salt room.

The Thermal Suite is an award-winning feature on most NCL ships. This suite includes a thermal pool, sauna, and steam room. Each is infused with aromatherapy mists. During a treatment, passengers can enjoy the view of the sea.

Most cruise ship spas are run by Miami-based OneSpaWorld. You can find this company’s spas on more than 160 ships.

There are several onboard credit programs available, which can be used for anything from facials to massages. Depending on the ship, you might pay a bit more for onboard credit than you would for the same treatment at a local salon.

Art from the art auction

Many cruise ships have onboard art auctions. The art on these ships is impressive and can be quite valuable. But you’ll need to do your homework. You may be able to save a bundle by purchasing art from a dealer.

Some cruise lines offer free coffee and tea, but you can also buy a speciality coffee at a premium. In addition, some offer speciality drinks like a specialty champagne. These are great if you’re on the ultra-luxury line.

There are also many other things to do while on a cruise. If you’re looking to pick up a few pieces of art, you’ll want to check out online auction sites. One place you can find an affordable piece is on eBay. It’s a good idea to look for the “signed numbered” variety.

A number of artists have signed prints, giclees and serigraphs. The cheapest ones sell for between $500 and $1,000. The most expensive can go for tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a nice piece of artwork for a bargain. When you’re looking for something, it’s a good idea to choose a few works that will remind you of your cruise trip. However, be careful not to overspend. Original paintings are often the most valuable.

For the best results, do your research. Find out what the prices have been in the past and what the current market value is. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Buying art from a gallery can also be a good way to snag a bargain.

A cruise ship’s onboard art auction is one of the most exciting events on board. You’ll get to meet famous artists and see incredible works of art.

Applying for onboard credit to purchases made before your cruise

Taking advantage of onboard credit while you’re on a cruise can be an excellent way to save money. However, it’s important to remember that onboard credits are not like free cash you receive at home. They are subject to specific limitations and restrictions.

Most cruise lines have some sort of onboard credit program. There are typically two options: the first involves pre-loading your charge account with cash, which you can then use to make purchases. The second method involves registering your debit or credit card with the cruise line and using it to charge your purchases.

As a general rule of thumb, onboard credit can be used to purchase almost anything onboard. This includes items such as a specialty drink, souvenirs, and spa treatments. You can also spend it on shore excursions. It’s even possible to redeem your onboard credit for gift cards.

Cruise lines generally offer onboard credit as an incentive for booking a particular cruise. The amount of credit may vary based on the ship you’re sailing on, your cabin, and your preferences. If you’re looking to increase your onboard credits, consider a regional promotion, a past passenger promo, or a refundable onboard credit.

There are also cruise ship shops and boutiques onboard that will accept onboard credit. If you plan on shopping onboard, you might want to check out the store signage for special offers.

Some cruise lines even offer onboard credit as a refund when something goes wrong on your cruise. In these cases, you’ll have to speak to the cruise line to find out more.

While it’s true that onboard credit can be used to purchase most things onboard, it’s important to recognize that the best use of onboard credit is to buy an excursion at a discount before you board the ship.

Expiration of onboard credit

It is important to remember the expiration date of your Royal Caribbean onboard credit. Your onboard credit will not be redeemed for port fees, medical expenses, or taxes. Rather, it will be forfeited after your cruise ends.

Royal Caribbean has recently changed its Future Cruise Credit (FCC) program. Previously, FCCs were set to expire on a fixed date. However, Royal Caribbean has decided to remove the expiration date for most FCCs issued after 2020. The company hopes the change will give guests more flexibility.

Since the change, some guests have found themselves struggling to use their credits. A few have canceled their cruises, and are now waiting for their credits to expire. Others have booked new cruises, but have not been able to redeem their credits.

Although Royal Caribbean has removed the book by/redeem by deadline from its FCCs, some of the credit’s expiration dates are still listed in the system. In order to avoid confusion, it is important to remember that your credit is valid until the end of the cruise.

The non-expiration dates of the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature card are on par with other cruise lines. For instance, the card allows holders to earn 2 MyCruise points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. Also, the card does not charge an annual fee.

Guests can also convert pre-cruise purchases into onboard credit, but it is important to keep in mind that the onboard credit will only be valid on the ship. Guests must opt in to receive the enhanced credit.

To redeem the credit, guests must provide their Certificate Code, which is located on the guest information page of the website. Once the code is entered, it will be processed within 48 hours.