Avis vs Sixt vs Budget Car Rental in NYC: Which Is Best?

You’re here because you’re looking to know if Budget car rental in NYC is going to be better than the other options you’ve taken a look at online.  There’s no shame in that, and the more research you do, the better informed you’ll be when it comes to making your final decision, right?

How does Budget car rental in NYC stack up against Avis and Sixt?

Budget Car Rental in NYC

Below are some of the best perks that are waiting for you when you consider Budget over the competition out there.  Take a look and see for yourself why they’re worth it even in this central city!

Offers great reward miles and points

Whether you’re an Air Miles fan or a collector of Aeroplan points, you’ll find that Budget has the best options for points collaboration.  Not only do you get great rental options in car types and other perks, but you also get points — and who doesn’t love points?

Actual savings on budget car rentals in NYC

When it comes to savings you can expect in the actual car rental, you’ll enjoy some great savings.  Not only just “free upgrades” or added savings in extra features.  Actual savings that you can measure in literal cash value.

Prepaying saves you money

Budget also offers you some great perks by prepaying.  If you choose to pay upfront, with all of the fees and savings clearly listed so that you know exactly what you’re paying for, it’ll save you when you compare it directly to paying when you pick up your rental.

Multiple dealerships in convenient places

One last perk in a city as vibrant and complex, especially if you’re new to the area, as NYC is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy multiple locations all around the city and its surrounding areas.  You don’t have to go all the way to one or two spots.  There are literally 20 different options just in the NYC general area.

All of these perks exist in similar forms with both an Avis car rental in NYC and a Sixt car rental in NYC.  For example, Avis offers 20 locations in the city as well, for convenience.  Their rates are also competitive.

Sixt offers extra perks like toll payments and a supposed guarantee of rentals being under $25 per daily rental, unlike other companies which don’t guarantee it.  These are great, sure if these are what you consider to be the most important perks.

But Budget rentals still beat them all out because their savings and benefits far outnumber Avis and Sixt combined!

When you look at it with this level of detail, it’s pretty neat to see that Budget car rental in NYC can hold its own even against the equally “big name” rental companies like Avis and Sixt.  While there are always going to be different advantages waiting for you at different companies, and then there are the smaller name ones, it’s nice to know that you’ve always got a tried and tested option to cover you when you need it.