Are Royal Caribbean Cruises at Full Capacity?

are royal caribbean cruises at full capacity

There are several things that you should consider before you decide whether you want to go on a cruise or not. If you have children, for example, it may be a good idea to make sure they have the proper facilities and activities to keep them entertained. In addition, there are a number of activities that are available, including swimming pools, water parks, and skydiving simulators.

Smoking is forbidden

The smoking policy on Royal Caribbean ships is designed to provide a smoke free cruise experience for everyone. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Most public areas are non-smoking. This includes the staterooms, balconies, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Some ships allow cigars in their designated smoking areas. These are usually indoors or on the deck.

There are also several outdoor areas where smoking is permitted. On some ships, smoking is even allowed on the sun deck.

Depending on the ship, the designated smoking area may include the Sea View Bar, the Sports Deck by the Crow’s Nest, or the Oak Room. In addition, ashtrays are provided.

Smoking is not permitted in certain areas, such as in the elevator foyers, the children’s pool area, the casino, or the child care center. It is also not permitted during the fueling process.

The smoking policy on Royal Caribbean cruises is meant to be fun and easy. But if you are found in violation of the policy, you could be subject to further action. You could be subject to a fine or repatriation fees charged to your onboard account.

Other items that can be found on the Royal Caribbean ships are the Connoisseur Club cigar bars. These are located on select Voyager and Freedom class ships.

There are also electronic cigarettes available for use in designated smoking areas. However, these devices are not permitted in other internal public spaces.

While some cruisers may prefer the taste of a cigarette, others are concerned about the potential health hazards. That is why most cruise lines have implemented smoking policies.

When a cruise line changes its smoking policy, it makes sure to inform passengers about the change. For example, Carnival constantly monitors its shipboard policies and solicits guest feedback.


A Royal Caribbean cruise offers travelers the opportunity to see a variety of different destinations. These ships also provide tons of entertainment. There are pools, spas, and other fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

Some of the largest Royal Caribbean cruise ships can accommodate nearly 7,000 passengers. However, they are also pricier than their smaller vessels. To avoid paying a lot for a trip, you may want to take a trip on one of the ships that are not so big.

These smaller ships are older ships, and they offer an intimate setting. They are also less expensive per day. Depending on the itinerary, they may be a good choice for budget-conscious travelers.

If you are looking for a Royal Caribbean cruise that will allow you to explore more of the world, then you should check out Icon of the Seas, which is set to debut in January 2024. The ship will be the world’s largest when it is completed. It will be made up of at least three vessels, and will be able to carry almost 10,000 people.

On board, the ship will have 15 dining options. You can also try the Chef’s Table, a chef-led dining experience that is limited to 18 guests. Other dining options include Giovanni’s Italian restaurant and the Chops Grille steakhouse.

There are also some water activities, including a FlowRider surf simulator. There is also an indoor fun zone called the SeaPlex.

One of the most popular attractions on the Oasis-class ships is the Royal Promenade. The Promenade is a walkway that travels between the main decks. Visitors can enjoy the scenery as they walk.

Water parks

Royal Caribbean cruises offer a variety of activities, including sports and water parks. These cruises are especially popular with families. The ships are all designed to provide something for everyone, from young children to adults without kids. They also have plenty of amenities for couples.

Many of the ships have multiple pools and waterslides. For parents with little ones, the pools are often the center of their vacation. Those without children may congregate in the poolside bars or even in the ship’s interior areas. Some ships also feature zip lines and skydiving simulators.

Royal Caribbean’s Thrill Waterpark is an entertainment hub that offers record-breaking wave pools, adventure pools, and more. The Thrill Waterpark admission fee includes admission to the park, beach chairs, and unlimited wet and wild experiences.

The Aqua Theater is an onboard aquatic theater. It features diving shows, laser tag, and more. There is also a FlowRider, a simulation surfboard. In addition to live performances, there is also an outdoor skating rink.

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the Icon, will feature an onboard water park. It’s billed as the largest in the world. This ship will have six slides, an ice-skating rink, and a miniature version of Central Park. The ship will debut in 2024.

Another new ship in the fleet, the Wonder of the Seas, is scheduled to set sail in March of 2022. This ship is 1,188 feet long, and weighs 236,857 gross tons. It has a maximum cruising speed of 22 knots.

The next generation of Royal Caribbean cruises, the Icon class, will take up the footprint of the Oasis class. These ships will be 18 decks high, with at least three vessels.

Skydiving simulators

Skydiving simulators have become a popular attraction on cruise ships. This simulated experience is new to the industry and offers a unique twist on the typical vacation. If you’ve never experienced skydiving on land, you’ll be blown away by the sensation. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can try it on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

There are several different types of skydiving simulators on Royal Caribbean cruises. In fact, the Quantum class ships offer the first ever skydiving simulator at sea. These vessels feature the North Star pod, which hoists passengers high above the ocean.

Several other Royal Caribbean cruise ships have other simulated activities, such as bumper cars and ice skating. Some of the larger ships have surfing simulators. However, Vision-class cruise ships do not have any of these attractions. They do, however, have six whirlpools and a bungee trampoline area.

Another popular activity is iFly. This experience is similar to iFly on land, but allows guests to fly without a parachute. It’s a fun family activity. Guests will be fitted with a flight suit and goggles before they enter the simulator. Once they are inside, they’ll watch an instructional video.

FlowRiders, meanwhile, are similar to iFLY but they’re on the top deck of ships. FlowRiders have been a popular feature on RCI ships for over 15 years.

The RipCord by iFLY skydiving simulator is another ship feature. On four of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships, you can experience this simulated free fall. Each group is limited to 10 people, and the simulator time lasts about 60 seconds. Before you can participate in the experience, you must get a waiver and a Seapass card. You also must weigh less than 103 pounds and be at least three years old.

Children’s programs

When you’re sailing with Royal Caribbean, you’ll discover an abundance of family-friendly activities. From ice skating shows to water parks, there’s plenty to keep kids of all ages entertained.

The Royal Babies & TotsSM Nursery provides short-term babysitting for babies and toddlers. Parents are welcome to leave their children with the nursery staff during daytime drop-off sessions for $8/hr. They can also order baby supplies that can be delivered to their stateroom.

Adventure Ocean(r) Youth Program is the cruise line’s kids club. There are three age groups: Explorers, Aquanauts and Voyagers. Each program offers activities throughout the day and evening, and is designed for a certain age group.

Kids in the Explorers program are ages 6 to 8 years. Voyagers are ages 9 to 12 years, and the Aquanauts program is for ages 3 to 5 years. Both programs require reservations.

Royal Caribbean cruises offer free programs for children, but guests can also pay a premium for the more popular kids clubs. These programs are supervised by trained youth staff and provide interactive playgroup sessions.

Some ships have indoor roller skating rinks. In addition, there are a number of water slides onboard. A few ships have surfing simulators.

In addition to the main theatre shows, the Aqua Theatre offers dive shows, laser tag, and other fun water-based attractions. Additionally, on nine ships, there is an indoor ice skating rink.

The FlowRider surf simulator can be found on ten Royal Caribbean ships. The ships’ waterslides are growing in size and number.

Royal Babies & Tots Nursery programs are available for infants and toddlers for day and evening drop-off. The ratio of nursery staff to children is 1:4. All Royal Caribbean cruises have a nursery.