Are Caribbean Cruise Ports Open to the Public?

are caribbean cruise ports open

Are Caribbean cruise ports open to the public? The answer to that question depends on the specific destination and the season. If you’re planning to sail on a tropical cruise, you’ll want to check the cruise line’s website to see whether or not the port is open to the public. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re prepared to travel during hurricane season. In that case, you might need to book early.


While the granddaddy of them all was hurricane Irma, it was not the first time that a major storm has closed the doors on the Caribbean’s finest. For example, Hurricane Maria knocked off cruise schedules for several months. Although some ports were spared, the impact was enough to make many passengers wonder what the heck was happening. However, the good news is that more ships are heading to the region in the coming years. The best part is that these larger vessels can accommodate a greater number of passengers. Combined with a steady economy, there is little doubt that cruising the Caribbean will continue to grow in popularity for many decades to come.

Aside from the usual tan lines and bare bones buffets, the islands of the Caribbean are teeming with culture, history, and natural wonders. From snorkeling at the aptly named coral reef to catching a tan on the pristine beaches, there are plenty of ways to make your vacation one for the books.

Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, Grenada has a relatively robust infrastructure that will allow you to experience the best of the best without putting you through the ringer. In addition to its regal status, the country boasts a plethora of endemic fauna, a surprisingly cosmopolitan population, and a slew of hotels and restaurants. That’s not to mention the fact that the island boasts some of the world’s best golf courses. If you’re looking for a taste of the real Caribbean, book yourself on a Sunfish sailboat. You can even take a turn in the driver’s seat!

One of the best things about the island is that you can actually do some real shopping at the same time! Take a stroll down main street and you’ll find a small but well stocked supermarket, a couple of upscale clothing boutiques, and a plethora of specialty shops including a posh pawn shop.


Barbados is an island nation in the southern Caribbean. It is home to 365 crystal clear rivers and volcanoes. The country is also known for its Carib Indians, who are the last remaining descendants of the people who dominated the region before Europeans arrived.

As a former British colony, Barbados operated on a plantation economy. Today, tourists can enjoy stunning beaches and lush landscapes. Visitors can also take part in popular watersports such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayak tours, and stingray encounters.

Visitors can also shop for locally-made jewelry, including black-coral jewelry. There are also souvenir shops at the airport. Some locals don’t always welcome tourists, however.

In addition to the beaches, visitors can go snorkeling. For a more cultural experience, tourists can visit museums. Museum Kura Hulanda is one of the most unique museums in the Caribbean.

Visitors can also take a tour of Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where they can sample a cocktail. They can also go on a boat ride. Another popular activity is an Off-Roader Jeep Safari. This includes a stop at ruins.

In addition to the beaches, tourists can visit Old San Juan. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can stroll the cobbled sidewalks lined with colonial town houses.

There are a few beaches that are located right in front of resort hotels. Others are private, but are still open to the public.

Aside from the beach, you can also take a trip to Dunn’s River Falls. This cascading waterfall is the most popular attraction in Jamaica.

If you are looking for a more laid-back experience, Antigua is worth considering. It is the largest of the British Leeward Islands and offers beaches that are easy to reach from the port.


The eastern Caribbean island of Dominica is a lush tropical paradise. It is nicknamed the Nature Island of the Caribbean. In fact, it is the most mountainous island in the Lesser Antilles. Among its natural wonders are the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and the Boiling Lake.

The island has 365 crystal clear rivers. If you enjoy water sports, you can hire a Sunfish sailboat. Another fun activity is tubing in the Layou River. You can book tubing excursions through your cruise line.

One of the island’s most striking features is its dense rainforests. There are many hiking trails that wind through the jungle. These trails will take you through a variety of gorges, valleys, and even waterfalls.

The island is home to several national parks, the most impressive being the 104-hectare (260-acre) Cabrits National Park. This national park is packed with interesting sights such as coral reefs and the 18th century Fort Shirley.

Another impressive feature is the island’s natural hot sulfur springs. The thermal sulfur springs are hot enough to boil eggs.

A fun way to learn more about the island’s flora and fauna is to visit the Botanical Gardens. This complex is a symphony of plants and animals.

Aside from the national parks, there is no shortage of things to do in Dominica. For example, the Trafalgar Falls is an impressive waterfall that can be viewed from a short hike.

While you’re on the island, stop in at the Folkloric Show, a musical extravaganza featuring a large costumed troupe. Or check out the old market, which was once a hive of fruit, vegetable, and slave-trading activities.

You can also go snorkeling or scuba diving. You can also go zip-lining in the longest river in the island.


Curacao is a tiny Caribbean island that has retained its Dutch and Portuguese influences. The capital of Willemstad is an attractive, historic city. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of shopping, cultural, religious, and dining options.

In the past, Curacao was an economic center for Caribbean commerce. During the 20th century, the island’s oil refinery served as the country’s main industry. Today, the port serves as the gateway for cruise ships visiting the island.

While Willemstad is the main highlight, the island is also home to several interesting attractions. Visitors can visit the Christoffel National Park, a national park that is home to various flora and fauna. Also, the Savonet Museum, located in the grounds of a plantation, is a must-see. It covers the 4,000-year history of the island.

Curacao offers a variety of water sports and shore excursions. If you prefer to relax, visit Blue Bay Beach, a popular destination that is near the cruise terminal. You can take a stroll along the beach and see coral reefs and other marine life. A small admission fee is required.

Curacao is also home to many dive sites. If you’re an underwater explorer, consider visiting the Curacao Underwater Marine Park, which is 12 miles along the southern coast.

Another popular attraction is the Sea Aquarium. At this seaside attraction, you can watch various species of marine creatures, such as dolphins and sharks. To explore the aquarium, you can take a two-hour excursion.

If you want to taste the local cuisine, visit one of the many restaurants serving Afro-Caribbean flavors. Several of these restaurants are located on the waterfront. Some of them have their own private beaches.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, or BVIs, are a small group of islands in the Caribbean. These islands have long been a pirates’ haven. But now they are starting to be a hot spot for cruise passengers. With the opening of the first cruise ship pier in Tortola, the island is finally making a move towards tourism.

The British Virgin Islands are known for their crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. It’s no wonder cruise lines have made the islands a frequent stop. Unfortunately, there have been some issues involving safety. Cruise ships visiting the BVIs will be required to follow extra precautions.

There are many interesting things to see in the British Virgin Islands. One of the most impressive is the St. Peter Greathouse Estate and Gardens, an 11-acre botanical garden that includes an orchid jungle, waterfalls, and a reflecting pond. The estate is also home to an umbrella plant from Madagascar.

Another must-see is the BVIs’ highest point, Sage Mountain. This national park was created in 1964 to preserve the island’s original forest. The park is a great place to hike and picnic.

While you’re at it, consider a trip to the island’s other famous landmark, Treasure Point. It is a supposed pirate’s treasure. A bronze plaque commemorates this fact.

Other notable attractions include the 104-hectare (260-acre) national park. Also, be sure to visit the island’s most beautiful beach, Labadee. Located on a peninsula with five beaches, it is accessible by enormous tenders.

If you’re looking to buy souvenirs, check out the shop at Princess. They sell everything from clothing to keychains.

If you’re lucky, you might get to take a ride on the Off-Roader Jeep Safari. This excursion is a tour of the island, allowing you to stop in at ruins along the way.