All Inclusive Cruise Packages

all inclusive cruise packages

If you are in the market for a great cruise vacation, you may want to consider booking an all inclusive cruise package. These packages offer a wide range of perks including free drinks, free wifi, and the opportunity to use onboard credit. There are a few things you should know before committing to an all inclusive cruise, however.

Water, coffee, tea, and juice

If you’re planning a cruise vacation, there are several options for beverages. Some are complimentary and some are only for a small extra cost. The best beverage package is the one that works for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Drink packages can be purchased before you set sail or during the course of the cruise. You can save a lot of money by purchasing all-inclusive drink packages. But they do have some limitations.

One of the most obvious is the price. A glass of wine starts at $9. However, you can pay more than that for some specialty beers and spirits. Most cruise packages offer a few free beverages.

Aside from the free ones, a beverage package also helps you avoid the hassle of paying for beverages in ports of call. That’s a big deal. In addition, a drink package might allow you to use your cash for something else.

Among the cruise packages is a bottle of Coca-Cola. Not only does it have a fancy name, it comes with a pretty cool souvenir cup.

Almost all onboard bars offer a chilled fountain soda. They also feature other non-alcoholic beverages like soda water and fruit juices.

Cruise drink packages can be a great way to make a day at sea more relaxing. But before you buy the package, check out the rules of engagement. Keep in mind that you might not be able to use it in ports of call. Moreover, you might be charged an additional gratuity on top of the price you paid.

While most cruise lines do not set limits on how much alcohol a person can drink on a daily basis, you might want to limit your drinking to the drink-of-the-day.


Cruise packages are a great way to stay connected during your vacation. You can use your favorite social media apps, surf the web, and make audio and video calls.

Before you board, your cruise line will provide you with information on how to access Wi-Fi. These services vary by destination and ship. However, if you want the fastest, most reliable connections, you should opt for the premium package.

Many cruise lines are making improvements to the internet on their ships. For example, Royal Caribbean’s premium VOOM service is three times faster than the basic plan. But it costs $5 to $10 per day more.

You can also purchase onboard Wi-Fi for your entire trip. This is often cheaper than buying it a day at a time.

If you are planning on downloading entertainment before your trip, you can do so before boarding the ship. Then, you can use that content on your flight to your home port. Some newer ships offer Netflix-enabled internet.

A free WiFi plan is also available on some cruise ships. While this is a nice feature, it is not always reliable. Depending on the location, the satellite signal may not be strong. It is not uncommon to have trouble getting a signal in some areas, especially close to mountains or glaciers.

There are various packages on the market, including free, pay-as-you-go, and unlimited options. All of these plans allow you to choose the type of Internet package that is best for you.

Premium Wi-Fi packages include a high-speed internet connection, messaging, and streaming. These options are perfect for socializing and sending emails.

Carnival offers three internet plans. You can choose from 250 MB to 3 GB.

Onboard credit

Cruise packages offer a range of benefits, including an onboard credit. The cruise line will allow you to purchase items with this credit, reducing the overall bill. You may also have the opportunity to upgrade your drinks package, which will add to your enjoyment.

The onboard credit can be used in many ways, but it is best suited for excursions. It can be used to purchase internet packages, which can be a great way to stay connected while at sea. Some cruise lines offer Wi-Fi at a per-minute rate, while others offer it for a flat fee.

Another good use for onboard credit is for a fancy cocktail in the evening. Many people like to sample different cocktails while on vacation. A cruiser with a bit of money to spare can spend it on an onboard mixology class.

Although not free, an onboard credit is the smartest thing to take with you on your next cruise. These cards are available to you as soon as you board. They can be used to make purchases in the ship’s stores, restaurants, and even the casino.

One of the best uses of onboard credit is to book a cruise line shore excursion. There are many different options for excursions, and each can be expensive. For instance, a trip to Alaska can be months in the making. In some ports, the cost of a cruise excursion is included in the price, while others charge a hefty premium.

Using the onboard credit for spa treatments is also a great idea. Cruises are known to include treatments like massages, facials, and medispa procedures.

Other activities you can book with onboard credit include bowling, go-karting, and zip-lining. However, there are often extra fees for these activities, so it’s wise to check the prices before you book.

Specialty restaurants

Cruises often offer all inclusive cruise packages, which include meals, drinks, and activities. Many cruise lines partner with renowned chefs to create menus for their ships. The best part about these cruise packages is that they are often less expensive than individual dining experiences.

Royal Caribbean offers numerous specialty restaurants. Each offers a unique experience. Some of the more popular places to eat onboard include the Park Cafe and the Chops Grille. Both of these venues are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In addition to specialty restaurants, the Royal Caribbean also has a main dining room that serves dinner on select nights. These dining rooms are more formal than the others. You may need to dress accordingly.

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a range of gourmet dining experiences, including French and local cuisine. They also offer pre-cruise hotel stays, butler service, and onboard entertainment.

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a Specialty Dining Package that can save you up to $199 per person. It comes with three specialty meals, and you can even add an additional meal for an extra fee.

A specialty restaurant can be a great addition to your cruise. These restaurants feature menu items designed by top chefs and may be a quieter option than the main dining room. Those who want a more private experience can book a table at a chef’s table.

Crystal Cruises provides Perfect Choice Dining, which allows guests to choose their seating and pay only a small fee. However, there are three restaurants that are excluded.

For an added charge, you can enjoy a more extravagant meal at the Remy restaurant. This specialty restaurant is a highlight of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

Marella Cruises

Marella Cruises is an all inclusive cruise line that offers a variety of destinations and activities for all ages. The line includes several ships, including a family-friendly one and an adults-only ship. These ships offer a wide range of dining options and entertainment.

One of the most notable eateries on Marella Cruises is Kora La, a pan-Asian restaurant. Other restaurants include Italian at the Mediterranean, a laid-back, Mediterranean-themed restaurant. There is also Nonna’s, a pizza joint.

Each ship has seven to ten restaurants. They include a casual diner, an Italian restaurant and a gourmet buffet. For a more formal meal, you can eat at a steakhouse.

Each Marella ship also has a bar. You can enjoy live music and solo DJs, as well as silent discos. In addition, you can take part in fitness classes and cookery demonstrations. If you want to try a different drink each night, the drinks package includes a selection of soft drinks, beer, wine by the glass, spirits and cocktails.

You can also enjoy a full afternoon tea service. If you’re looking for a romantic evening, you can take part in a Captain’s dinner, which offers a multiple course menu.

If you’re on a budget, you can choose from the standard all-inclusive drinks package, which includes selected drinks. You can also upgrade to the premium package, which allows you to drink more premium spirits, bottled water and canned soft drinks.

The all-inclusive package also includes tips and service charges. The fares cover flights, meals, entertainment, and other facilities. It’s also possible to purchase extras onboard, which you can find in the onboard boutiques.

Marella Cruises provides excellent value for money, whether you’re traveling with friends or family. From a casual beach cruise to a formal evening with a loved one, you’re sure to have a wonderful trip.